You Need To See Mr.Enter’s Documentary On COVID-19 (And Various Thoughts On Media)

As of writing this, Plandemic — a documentary arguing that the COVID-19 pandemic was man made, has over ten million views. However, a much more logical video from 7/17/2020 by TheMysteriousMrEnter has less than forty thousand views.

I have followed Mr. Enter since the end of his first season of Animated Atrocities, he is even the reason I became a brony. I remember watching his transition from a simple MLP reviewer/guy who screams about Spongebob to a semi-political commentator/documentary film maker.

Seeing his first documentary, Technocracy, was an amazing watch going into many of the details of modern tech companies. His newest video, simple called How The World Ended, goes over the failures of the lockdown in response to COVID-19, and the failure of our politicians to protect us.

Calling Enter a traditional journalist is misleading, although I do not know if calling him a full on gonzo journalist is also accurate. Either way, his work outdoes the vast majority of modern journalists published in mainstream outlets — rather it shows Enter as a jack of all traits of modern journalist to be a failure is up to you.

I normally do not do this, but if you have an hour, give this video a watch, it is honestly amazing:

A transcript of the video, with sources, has also been uploaded to Google Docs by Enter, which is in the description of the video.

To be blunt, I want this to be made viral, I want this to have more views than Plandemic or whatever shitty, poorly researched documentary claiming the virus was made by China ever could. Of course, the media will never latch onto something like this. Hence why the media makes sure to only find the most insane people possible who disagree with them, in order to make anyone who is against the lock down, or doesn’t believe an official story in general, look insane.

Ben Shapiro got famous countering this. Most people remember him being interviewed by Piers Morgan on the topic of gun control just after Sandy Hook. Morgan had previously interviewed Alex Jones on the topic, and that interview became infamous quickly (even leading to the term Alex Avalanche). Then, anyone who was against gun control was the same as Alex Jones or agrees with whatever weird argument the NRA made this week.

This is what Tucker Carlson’s show is more or less based around. I recall back in 2017 he interviewed a now infamous Antifa supporting professor with a long neck. He could have gotten someone much more vocal in the media, or someone much more articulate, or someone who doesn’t have a really long neck, but then he couldn’t just mock his political opponent.

Just today, Last Week Tonight did a segment on “Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories.” The only two addressed directly are that a woman was arrested without charge and that the virus is caused by 5G Towers. The majority of the episode is spent making vague references to conspiracy theories they simply do not have time to debunk, but can be done very easily.

Compare this segment to the one made on Vaccines three years back. There, Oliver, while admitting he can’t cover everything, goes through the major players in the anti-vaccination movement and debunks them one by one. Honestly, comparing these episodes back to back is night and day, and it honestly feels like the more recent one is giant downgrade.

This is especially striking because, despite our disagreements, Oliver is someone who I did respect. Oliver use to feel like a journalist, now he’s making excuses as to why he can’t be a journalist.

If the media wants to focus on the Cuomo brothers goofing around or how President Trump eats his steak, that’s fine, however, they can not then expect for us to take them seriously the rest of the time. The fact is, when an animation reviewer is a better journalist than many real journalists, something is happening here.

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