Yoram Hazony And Race

Before this article opens, I should make it very clear that I do not believe Yoram Hazony is a racist. I think he’s a dishonest buffoon, but not every bad philosopher also has a dislike of other races.

For those who don’t know, recently a Conservative MP named Daniel Kawxzynski got into some hot water when he appeared at Haznoy’s National Conservationism Conference. Hazony went to — the same website which once cited “the prolific pen pal of Gore Vidal” — to defend both himself and his cheerleader.

Fun Fact: Hazony published this article on 2/8/2020. A day before then would have been the 20th anniversary of Conservatives fought tooth and nail to say Section 28, an infamously homophobic part of the housing code put into law by the Iron Lady which stopped local authorities from “promoting homosexuality.” Two of the people who helped fight the repeal: David Cameron and Theresa May. What I’m saying is this accusation wasn’t pulled out of thin air.

Of course, this isn’t me claiming that the second openly bisexual MP in all of Britain is homophobic — so save me your strawman. I’m making the case that if Hazony truly wants to act ignorant on where the idea of homophobic within the Conservative Party comes party comes from, he should be reminded at every single chance.

As for the claim that his people are racist, well someone in the replies let the truth slip. I would like to introduce you all to Steve Sailer — a good friend of the people over at. Sailer is someone who I have no issue calling a racist, as have everyone from Media Matters to . Are those places being unfair:


Some fellow named Jeff GGoasea began this thread by posting the following:

That’s because they make him look bad, mostly by agreeing with everything he says.

Here’s how Yoram responded:

Here’s the issue, racisalists fit way better in your camp than in ours. I myself am a peaceful globalist — I belief in globalization through peaceful libertarian means — and my philosophy outright rejects all forms of racism to function. Yours, quite clearly, does not. Sure, you can go all Rich Lowery and talk about how your ideology doesn’t require racism, but so does making toast; it doesn’t mean racists can’t still make toast.

Sailer responded with the following:

The science being talked about is race realism, specifically of the “white people are superior” verity.

Here’s how Yoram responded:

Okay, that’s well and good in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nation, but what about a homogeneous one? If Yoram going to pretend no overlap exists in Japan or either of the Korea’s? What about in attempts to build ethno-states, such as Nazi Germany?

Steve responded with this:

And Yoram responded as follows:

This also proves that Yoram has never read — I don’t blame him, it’s awful, but still.

Murray creates a political theory based on the data used in that book. Mostly based on re-directing welfare programs to those with high IQ’s, liberalizing access to birth control, and much more.

Let’s not forget Yoram’s geographic location as well. Israeli high courts have allowed DNA testing in the past to conform if someone is Jewish enough to live in Israel. In 2013, a scandal broke out when it turned out the Israel government was giving birth control to Jews from Ethiopia against there will who tried to immigrate.

If Yoram truly does not care for racism than he has picked the wrong ideology. While one can be a nationalist and not be a racist, one cannot be a racist and not be a nationalist.



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