“Yeah, I’m a Racist. But You’re An Anti-Semitic America Hating Communist.” Trump Has A Twitter Meltdown.

Ilhan Omar must have had a curse put on her by the mainstream media. It seems like every time she says anything it becomes a controversy. Now, people who totally aren’t racist are calling her a racist because she’s a Muslim.

Previous controversies involving Omar include, but are not limited too,:

  • Saying an Israel lobby exists.
  • Calling AIPAC (which called themselves “America’s pro-Israel lobby”) an Israel lobby.
  • Being supported by David Duke, who also supported Donald Trump, ran for Senate because of Trump, and has held office as a Republican.
  • Calling 9/11 “Some people [who] did something” while giving a speech on something completely different. As well all know, 9/11 was no people doing nothing.

Now, she’s in trouble for daring to say America has flaws, something every other member of Congress has done. Donald Trump said he wanted to “Make America Great America,” is America not great already?

To be fair, the issue seemed to be that she criticized America while being an immigrant from Somalia. Did she say Somalia is better than the United States? No. Yet, people responded to this by telling her to go back to Somalia, as if she said Somalia was a wonderful place to live.

Donald Trump went on Twitter to give a thread that most who read considered racist, I’ll just show you it and let you decide:

For the record, I tend to think Trump is just stupid, not a racist. Although, if this isn’t racism then Lindsey Graham is straight.

Telling people to “go back to Africa,” use to be something obviously racist, these days, not so. After all, the President is only against illegal immigrants and Democrats. Yet, the only arguments Republicans have to defend this is that “Democrats are worse.” We can’t even say racism is bad anymore.

This morning, President Woodrow Wilson was trending on Twitter. Why? Because he was both a racist and a Democrat President. You know, when by your own admission the Republican Party is where the Democrats were a century ago, your party might kind of suck.

Candace Owens, founder of the Blexit movement, has managed to stay silent on the subject of Trump’s recent antics. Mind you, staying silent is not the normal mode for Ms. Owens.

Although, I am happy Trump gave Omar a crash course in what it’s like to be a libertarian.

Trump went into melt down mode, here’s what that led to:

I can’t help but find it funny they “speak so badly of our Country,” but “hate Israel.” They don’t hate our country, or if they do that’s not a big deal, but hating Israel is a real problem.

Also, Trump doing the “that’s how Trump won,” thing is kind of cute. To give him credit, he’s the first person to do that who voted for Trump.

Although, his ego makes any predictions he makes null and void in how meaningful they are. To give you an idea, here’s what Trump tweeted earlier this week:

Minnesota has been a Democratic stronghold since before even California. Here’s the previous results for Democrats in Presidential Elections:

  • Hillary Clinton: 46.08%
  • Barack Obama: 54.06% (2008), 52.65% (2012)
  • John Kerry: 51.09%
  • Al Gore: 47.91% (Lower than normal because 5% voted for Nader)
  • Bill Clinton: 43.48% (1992, 24% voted for Perot), 51.1% (1996)
  • Michael Dukakis: 52.91%
  • Walter Mondale: 49.72% (they were also the only state Mondale won)
  • Jimmy Carter: 54.9% (1976); 46.5% (1980)

But Donald will take them, don’t worry.

Here’s another one:

Let’s count how many things here are wrong:

  1. If you think on of the two major political parties in this country are socialist, it might not be a good idea to try and build a wall on our border.
  2. It’s actually very hard to renounce US citizenship. As of right now, if you want to leave and still not have to pay American income tax, it would cost you $1,250. Although, I hear president Candace Owens plans to simplify this process.
  3. Even then, where are you going to go? Omar is the only Democrat in congress who’s an immigrant. And many other countries have restrictive immigration policies like the one Donald supports.
  4. It should be “she” not “they” considering the next person he quotes, Ilhan Omar, is one person.
  5. Every Holocaust expert, and reader of the dictionary, says those detention centers qualify as concentration camps. That doesn’t mean there are gas chambers, that’s a strawman. (Although I will agree AOC shouldn’t have said “never again,” while talking about them.)

Five things, surprised it was that few to be honest.

Now, to end this, here’s the genius of Gay Republican Lindsey Graham:

Let’s break this down:

No they aren’t, most of them are just social Democrats and maybe a few of them would count as socialists.

Not Israel! Also, the only one who could be considered as “hating Israel” is maybe Omar. And even then, have you ever considered asking her why she dislikes Israel?

Regardless of where you side on the Arab-Israeli conflict, you can’t deny it exists. There are many nuances that I’m not getting into, but Graham just pretends this conflict doesn’t exist.

Yes, most Arabs don’t like Israel. Most Israeli’s also don’t like Palestine, but you never seem to mention that.

I can’t help but find it funny that he only says this after saying “they hate Israel.” You know, Lindsey, you aren’t making yourself look any better.

Is that wrong? ‘Concentration Camps” is a neutral term by itself. In fact, you can make the argument a prison counts as a concentration camp. Senator, if you don’t like people calling the areas ICE puts illegal immigrants in concentration camps, tell ICE to stop putting them in concentration camps.

So, every group can have a lobby except for Israel? Seems a little anti-Semitic.

You’re an idiot.

You remain an idiot.

Remember when you were running for President and your only attack on Donald Trump was “he’s mean”? Good times.

Then why were they elected in the first place?

Okay, I’ll give you that’s a dumb policy.

Oh no, that means freedom of movement.


And you wanted to deny Merrick Garland, what’s your point?

They have been saying this for so long it’s hilarious.



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