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I’m old enough to remember when libraries have these “drag queen story hours,” would mean the death of civilization — and by that I mean I remember last year. Sohrab Ahmari even called this action satanic and even called for a congressional hearing regarding this topic, oh, and he beats it over the head of libertarians and conseratarians as if this existing disproved our ideology.

This was the biggest of big deals for social conservatives — I guess none of them realized they could refuse to take part in it or even protest it. But I guess they’d be called transphobic, which social conservatives — who believe that transgenderism is wrong — aren’t use to I guess.

This is a side rant I’ve wanted to go on for a while. When someone is telling you others refuse to act because they’re scared of being called this or that, what that should tell you is that word has power over them. Other people have reasons for not protesting, however, when you think the only reason people aren’t standing by you is fear, that says way more about you than it does others.

But anyway, according to the social conservatives, this event has been normalized. How normalized is it? Well let’s go over to the state of Missouri to find out.

From NBC:

A Republican lawmaker in Missouri has introduced a bill targeting drag queen story hour events at public libraries that would set up parental review boards to approve events and penalize librarians with potential fines and jail time for violations.

This legislation was introduced by state Rep. Ben Baker. I could not find much information on his, although I did not try very hard.

Now we could argue about how much of an impact this will have — it will certainly stop it in more conservative areas and even a few moderate ones, but might not do anything in liberal areas.

Also, I am normally a critic of democracy, but it makes sense in cases like this. Obviously, if taxes are to be paid the people should have some control over how that money is spent. Mind you, taxation is still theft but this is a slightly less awful version of this.

What I, and many others are worried about is the slippery slope that comes from this. Libraries have thought censorship in schools for decades and refused to enforce the unconstitutional war on terror programs. Putting them under democratic control could take away that by making them subject to the feelings of the people.

However, I would like to talk about normalization. Again, according to social conservatives, this has been normalized and this will lead to people molesting children. Of course, they’ve been making that same prediction for seventy years, but one of these days it will happen.

Yet, if such an action was normalized why would this legislation come into existence? Why would two dozen people be protesting?

In truth, the LGBT agenda is not anywhere near as normalized as most of these people act like it is. This is best proven by stories covered as “brave” by these very same people.

If transgender children are so normal, why did a Chicago school letting a transgender girl into the female locker room result in a day long boycott of the school? If gay marriage is so normal, why do we have Jack Philips still being a martyr after all this time? If slander and libel by media is so normal, why did Nick Sandmann win his lawsuit despite barley being slandered by any definition?

The truth is the world is no where near as scary as social conservatives want you to believe.

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