Why Putin Remains In Power (And Why Biden Might Not)

On 5/28/2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed legislation banning “extremists” from running for public office. That same month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation banning Twitter from suspending the accounts of people running for office.

The difference could not be more night and day; in Russia, those who want to overthrow Putin are banned from running for office, in the United States, those who want to overthrow Biden cannot even lose their social media accounts without a national controversy. In fact, some of the people who want to overthrow Biden are currently sitting in Congress — hence why many Republican politicians were caught giving tours of the capitol to the people who engaged in the insurrection on 1/6/2021. Other Republican politicians, such as Presidential hopeful Josh Hawley, gave their support to those who engaged in the insurrection while it was happening. Others still have refused to conduct an investigation into the insurrection, primarily because they know that it would not reflect well on them if the truth came out.

Such a thing would never be tolerated in Putin’s Russia. Alexei Navalny was arrested for going to another country to receive treatment after Putin poisoned him, could you imagine how Putin would react to an insurrection? It would not involve calls for unity, nor the expectation that we understand the concerns of the people who were involved, it would be nothing more than quick arrests of everyone who engaged in it. In the United States, when the military was sent in to guard the capitol, it was highly controversial — such a thing would be seen as common sense to Putin and the people of Russia.

Putin is an oligarch and a thug — and he’s a damn good one. Putin will certainly remain in power for as long as he wants (reports have come out saying he plans to step down rather soon, I won’t hold my breath), meanwhile, Joe Biden giving overthrown seems not just like a possibility, but an inevitability, more and more each passing day. Putin understands one thing that Biden does not seem to; every political system needs to defend itself on occasion against enemies both foreign and, yes, domestic.

We keep hearing about how this would “make half the country enemies.” Actually, the only people who would become enemies are those involved with the insurrection — which is only a few thousand people. However, if half the country is truly against America and what it stands for, then I’m happy to have them as enemies, and I don’t particularly care how many enemies that results in me having.

To be blunt, it sometimes feels like the United States has forgotten it even has a national interest. When John Cena apologized to China for calling Taiwan a country, the people of the United States were told not to criticize him, because that would be engaging in the dreaded “cancel culture.” It does not matter that Taiwan is an ally nation that the United States given money and weapons too, celebrities must still deny its existence and we just all need to accept that.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the Democrats have given in to the demands of the same mob who wants them put in prison. What do school re-openings, the origins of COVID-19, and the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine all have in common? They are all issues where, despite the evidence being on the side of Biden and company, the Biden Administration caved to the demands of the worst of the Republican Party and went along. The Republican Party currently has its demands caved too more often than the Democrats do, despite the Democrats having the Presidency and both houses of Congress.

It honestly feels like Joe Biden has no idea the Republicans view him as illegitimate and wish to overthrow him. Liberal democracy is the only political system that views defending itself as taboo, and if that adversity to self-defense is not ended soon, the political system generations worked to create will be shot in the chest.