Why People Aren’t Falling For Mask Martyrs

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Another day, another mask martyr begging for our sympathy without explaining why we should give it to them. Over the weekend, a video came out where a man in a lime-green shirt and shorts screams at a woman not wearing a mask.

The fact that the man in question looks like a walking cartoon character, or as if Raoul Duke woke up one day and said “how am i going to draw attention to myself?”, combined with his unpleasant nature, leads me to believe the video was staged. I cannot prove that, but my gut tells me that something more is going on here.

However, in spite of this man clearly being intended to be the go to example of pro-mask people, his points are far from invalid. His main gripe seems to be that he has to wear a mask, everyone else at the store can wear a mask, but this one woman is allowed to not wear a mask just because she wants to. This man was simply demanding that the woman follow the same rules he, and everyone else, has to. Am I supposed to be angry at this person for rallying against selective enforcement of laws? Because if so, consider me not someone willing to join the outrage mob.

What I found interesting though was in spite of this interaction being designed to make the pro-mask crowd look comical, many still sided with the man. Here are some of the replies when The Daily Caller — hardly a pro-mask beacon — tweeted the video out:

She is obviously a Trumptard and cares about no one else. She should stay home.

It would not of been a scene if she was following the rules and she knows this, playing the victim card when not abiding by a life saving rule is quite rude to the lives of the people this rule protects. Would she do the same about seat belts for her children or herself?

Unbelievable! And she records this thinking she looks good in this exchange? She’s the reason we’re in lockdowns.

I agree! Why won’t she wear her damn mask?! And why won’t conservatives actually learn how public health instructions function.

It seems many people are getting sick of these mask martyr stories, and I honestly can’t blame them. How many times can you see someone refuse to follow the same rules as everyone else, get condemned for it, and then feel bad for them? It’s rather obvious the entire reason people like this go outside without masks is so they can get yelled out, hence why this woman just so happened to be recording herself without a mask on as a man walked up to her and started yelling. Nobody likes an attention junkie, and the anti-mask crowd is full of them.

Combine this with the utter arrogance of many of them, who view not wearing a mask as some kind of brave act of civil disobedience. Early on in the pandemic, One America News anchor Graham Ledger compared his act to get a hair cut with resisting the Nazis. This constant pretentiousness creates nothing but hostility towards them they nobody but them can tolerate.

To be honest, the unpleasantness of the anti-mask crowd might be the biggest thing in turning people against them. While their are rational criticisms you can make regarding COVID restrictions, including mask mandates, the fact that their movement is ran by crazy people has caused people to think they’re all crazy. Maybe it’s their fault for having a movement that’s so open to insanity, but either way, it seems they lost the war.

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