Why I’m Excited For Biden

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I do not know what caused me to listen to the 11/25/2020 edition of The Michael Knowles Show, but I’m very glad I did. Not because Knowles gave me any inside into the issues of the day, he could never do that, and he’s not even funny like Matt Walsh is, but because he said exactly what I was thinking. While talking about why Trump should concede, he said “the security of the [Republican] Party is on the line.”

I would like to go one step farther than Knowles did. Not only is the Republican Party in danger, but the twin evils of radical isolationism and radical luddism that have taken over the Republican Party and anyone in government who has gone along with it is in danger — and I could not be happier. The socialism that has also taken control of the Democratic Party is also just as much in danger. I did not think this was going to be the case at first, although I wanted Biden to win I assumed it would slow down the process giving us a time to fight, but it appears that Biden is going to the final nail in this coffin before it starts.

Joe Biden is not the first man Republicans lied about “stealing an election.” After the 1960 Election, a handful of Republican insiders filed court cases claiming that Kennedy had done the same thing they accuses Joe Biden of doing. This effort was led by Earl Mazo, a Pulitzer-Hungry (he later said the main reason he wanted the stories published was so he could win a Pulitzer Prize) Nixon sycophant (he even wrote the first biography of Nixon in 1959) who wrote for the Republican partisan newspaper New York Herald Tribune. To this day, many Republicans and even some Democrats say that the 1960 President Election was stolen — despite all the claims being investigated many times over the past sixty years and no evidence ever being found. At the time, the only state that was reversed due to bad predictions by media was Hawaii — which went for Nixon and was later reversed for Kennedy.

They did this for one reason and one reason only, because they were scared of Kennedy. They had spent eight years with safe Conservative Eisenhower in office and they hoped that Nixon would either remain aloof or even take part in their evil. People forget, but Nixon was well known as a corrupt politician long before he became President. Back when he was in the House, Harry Truman said that he could tell two lies out of both sides of his mouth. When Nixon was first running for Vice President, a scandal broke out regarding him taking bribes — which was worthy of a televised address from the man himself. And considering Nixon got his start as a major “red hunter” on the House Unamerican Activities Committee (Eisenhower even picked Nixon as his running mate in hopes to appealing to the McCarthy wing of the Republican Party — a group Eisenhower hated and considered rather counterproductive in the effort of fighting communism) meaning he knew a thing or two about dirty politics.

Then along comes Kennedy, this young (((Catholic))) (Al Smith lost to Herbert Hoover in 1928 in large part because of his Catholicism, as well as his desire to repeal the 18th Amendment) who was not corrupt nor corruptible, who put his own brother as Attorney General because he did not trust career politicians. His choice for Vice President, the famously dirty Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson, confirmed the worst fears of the establishment: They weren’t taking the shit of corrupt politicians.

Some believe Johnson was involved with the Kennedy assassination, but this idea misunderstands their dynamic. The idea was that Kennedy uses his dazzling good looks (which he learned the value of during his first debate with Nixon, where his good looks are typically considered to be the reason he won compared to the sick, short looking Nixon), amazing speaking voice, and great charisma (it is said people would line up to get a handshake from the man) to sell the ideas to the public, while Johnson would use his ruthless political skills to get the ideas through Congress. It was said of Johnson he could get bills passed by standing over them and looking threatening, and he once threw his Federal Reserves Chairman, William Martin, against a wall in order to stop him from raising interest rates. After Kennedy was killed, Johnson tried to take both roles (it was even joked that he was his own Press Secretary with how often he appeared at press conferences) but a combination of his harsh looks and speaking skills plus the controversial and failing war in Vietnam (which he was lied into by intelligence agencies) caused his administration to be a massive flop.

Only one man has scared these men nearly a quarter as much as Kennedy and Johnson — and it was not Obama, who they put into a false sense of security before easily dealing with him, nor was it Carter, who they took care of easily. Carter lacked political skill, and Obama lacked the willingness to fight that the Kennedy-Johnson administration had. It was a young Arkansas Governor by the name of Bill Clinton, along with the help of a longtime political insider by the name of Al Gore.

One of the last things Ronald Reagan did when he left the White House was remove the Fairness Doctrine (a move I do even fully disagree with), and the media took notice. Republicans took control of AM Radio, starting with Rush Limbaugh who began syndicating nationally in 1988, and spread every lie about Clinton they could. George H.W. Bush even invited Rush Limbaugh to the White House in 1992 (in part because Limbaugh was supporting Buchanan’s campaign against Bush at the time, but also to send Rush a clear message for the general) and Limbaugh, who was declared “leader of the opposition” after Clinton won by National Review, told every lie about Clinton he could.

Republicans called him a rapist, accused him of — whatever Whitewater was about, and later impeached and attempted to remove him. Both times he won, Republicans tried to downplay his victory by claiming actually they would have won if it wasn’t for Ross Perot (there’s still no evidence for this, as Perot voters were split down the middle for who their second choice was going to be), and did everything they could to try and delegitimize his presidency. This is because Clinton was going to break their twin evils, he did not believe the only point of other nations was to be a battleground with other powers, which had been foreign policy during the Reagan and Bush years. He believed in free trade, and viewed foreign policy as something that could help the lives of the people of this planet. He was also a firm believer in technology, and there’s a reason they said Al Gore “created the internet” — because he hyperbolically said that once, and because kind of true.

Gore was going to finish off these twin evils, which Clinton had nearly destroyed, so they stole the election from him in 2000 and gave the Presidency to George W. Bush, who returned things to the status quo. They only got it close enough for Florida to be rigged because they had spent eight straight years leading a slander campaign against Clinton and Gore — which many Democrats even took part in. Gore had a promise of a future of a peaceful, democratic, advanced world — and that pissed off all the right people.

History often rhymes, and it looks like Biden is in the process of being the next Kennedy. His choice for Vice-President, the ruthless Kamala Harris, shows that he is not taking the shit of corrupt politicians. His choice for National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, is somebody who has constantly gone after Trump’s protectionism (which was suppose to advance into a fake war with China), which gives me good signs for the future. While I currently feel Biden’s cabinet is to reliant on Obama bros, he could just be showing he wants people who know how the game works.

This gives me good feelings about the future, to put it simply. I started off “supporting” Biden because I felt Donald Trump was the living embodiment of the two biggest evils in the world today, however, the huge amount of effort Trump and his buddies are putting in defeating Biden (after Biden already won) is evidence that something bigger is going on.

If you read this post and think it’s nothing more than “Democrat Q-Anon” that’s fine, however, something is going on and you’d be foolish to at least not find this slightly odd. I believe that this is because Biden truly has something planned for his administration, although I am currently unsure as to what.

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