When Last Decades Conspiracy Theories Become The Official Story

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Over the weekend, the Pentagon announced it was putting American troops in Saudi Arabia. Why are we doing this? To protect the Saudi Oil Market. That’s not even me using some conspiracy, it’s the official story. According to the government, we need to put troops in Saudi Arabia because Iran attacked the Saudi Oil markets.

In 2004 liberal film maker Michael Moore got into controversy with the release of his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, which argued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were primarily for Saudi oil money. Fahrenheit 9/11 is the highest grossing documentary of all time, and Republicans, especially those who supported the wars, hated it. Moore was already a controversial name for his openly liberal views, however this turned him from a normal socialist filmmaker to the most hated man in America.

Two response documentaries — Celsius 41.11 and Fahrenhype 9/11, were made with the goal of defending President Bush. “ I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore,” said radio host Glenn Beck back on 5/17/2005. Saudi Arabia even AstroTurfed a campaign against the film in many major United States cities.

So how right was Micheal Moore? Well, it seems like his statements have aged quite well. The 28 pages being declassified back in 2016 basically proved Moore correct, and various Bush administration officials seem to agree with him.

Here’s what Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s Chief Of Staff, had to say on this:

And I’ve said all along, the reason Dick Cheney wanted this war, it had nothing to do with WMDs or Al Qaeda or freedom and democracy, and everything to do with oil.

It should be no surprise that now, most Americans understand there were no WMDs in Iraq. The only evidence ever found comes from an unsourced New York Times article that reads like something from 4Chan.

Of course, this is the third country the President has nearly invaded so it’s possible he’ll become best friends with the Ayatollah just as he did with Dear Leader. However, sending troops to those countries, I feel, is the closest thing to a clear sign we can get from this President.

While, unlike Bush, this might not lead to all out war I can’t help but find it interesting that last decades conspiracy theories are now the official stories used to drive us into war.

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