Whatever Happened To World War Three?

Awhile ago, I covered the non-sense idea that the United States would go to war with Iran and from that a third World War would take place. I mention this because, while the Iran situation has been going on, it seems more and more likely war is not going to happen.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has said the following through Twitter:

Iran took & concluded proportionate measures in self-defense under Article 51 of UN Charter targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens & senior officials were launched.

We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression.

You see, Iran is not the war-happy nation you hear about in the media. Iran has actually never once fought in a war of aggression on the side of the aggressors. They have a foreign policy primarily based on proxy was and Henry Kissinger style realpolitik instead of the direct invasion imperialism of many other Islamic nations.

As such, them starting a World War — even over the assassination of a general — is utter nonsense. Question: Why is it the same people who thought the death of Qusem Soleimani would cause a World War also kept mocking the death because “nobody had heard of him”? Oh, and of course murdering him was wrong because this guy who nobody ever heard of has a huge following — somehow.

Starting to notice the average non-interventionist contradicts himself quite commonly.

It should be noted that as of this week Iran has officially pulled out of the nuclear deal — a deal the United States has violated a number times. Because of this, the chance of them getting a nuclear weapon does go up, however, that doesn’t matter as much as most people think. The Soviet Union had tons of nuclear weapons for instance, yet, we somehow managed to fight them. Israel is also has a large number of nuclear weapons, although they won’t say the exact amount.

Of course, the United States has been trying to get out of the deal for years. Bolton even talked about punishing European countries who did not try to escape from the deal. However, the cancelling of the deal is something that many commentators are worried will cause war. I guess the fact that the deal was only signed in 2015 didn’t tip them off.

That’s the thing with all these war predictions, just a few generations ago, it was common wisdom the Cold War would end with nuclear war — now, the war on terror will end with nuclear war. Alarmists sells the best, and as such the media makes sure to give it to us.

Still, it looks like some good might come out of this. The House of Representatives passed a War Powers Resolution today that has a good chance of passing the Senate and would do a good job of finally limiting the President regarding power to declare war. Ever since the seventies, we’ve just accepted that the President has complete control over the military, when the constitution actually only gives him that power in countries we are at war with during said wars — similar to the Roman dictator power.

I must point out just the failure of a prediction the anti-war left made. Instead of entering another war, this move actually caused future wars to be harder to declare. This will not stop being hilarious to me for a number of reasons, mostly because it shows just how bad, not just at predictions, but at understanding people they are.

Of course Trump wasn’t going to go to war. And you know what, I predicted when this whole thing started that if this didn’t happen Trump would offer a promotion to his best friend Tucker Carlson — just like when Trump cancelled drone strikes in Syria (although he actually cancelled those before Tucker’s show aired, so you know).

For God sake, while Mike Pence was in the White House Trump brought Carlson to North Korea! Rather it’s that he has the most influence over the President or the President just shares his ideas is uncertain, but either way, if Carlson says it Trump does it.

Another day, another fright.

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