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Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is sure having a bad weekend. The left-wing Senator made two statements recently, both of which are just insane.

Mind you, Warren is still in the shadow of Bernie — and she’s never going to get that far-left base that Bernie appeals to just so well. I’ve talked about this before, but Warren is basically the only candidate who can’t win. Anyone to her left will go with Bernie or Yang while anyone to her right will go for Biden or Harris.

I mentioned the candidates that are more right-wing than her for a reason, as that leads to her first statement. That being, her saying former Vice President Joe Biden is “running in the wrong primary,” despite Biden being in the Democratic Party long before her.

The people over at r/Tuesday, named after a moderate Republican Caucus (and whose official Twitter account follows mine), posted this cartoon to make fun of Warren’s attack:

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However, let’s look at the history both these people have in the Democratic Party — after all, they’re around the same age.

In 1995, Joe Biden had been a Democratic Senator for 22 years, meaning he was on his 4th term. Biden had also been the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee for 8 years — only being able to get that role by the way, because Democrats had control of the Senate.

In 1995, Elizabeth Warren was a registered Republican. Yet, she chose to criticize the person who is so much of a Democrat another Democrat picked him for Vice President as the secret Republican plant.

However, this isn’t even her worse example of nonsense. As we all know, Warren is scared of one thing more than anything else — middle class tax increases. This is not a big deal, as I’m against those to, however, I’m also not calling for social programs that would require massive spending increases of millions upon millions of dollars.

Recently, someone asked Warren who she’d be increasing taxes on, and unlike someone like Senator Sanders who has been open about some middle class tax increases, Warren still has to deny it up and down. When someone asked exactly who she wouldn’t increase taxes on, she said, I kid you not anyone making under $1 billion!

Of course, assuming the rich can pay for everything is a common fault of progressive economics — however, Warren is one of the worst offenders. Remember, she’s the one who came up with the insane wealth tax idea, which Freedomtoons debunked here:

Of course, to anyone who remembers history, the idea the left doesn’t want to raise taxes is about as believable as “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” In truth, Warren would have to raise more taxes than she’s willing to admit, or go deeper into debt, I’ll let you pick which one she’ll go with first — because to be honest, it could be either one.

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