Vaccine Criminals! (And Other Things Only Said By Nuts)

Yesterday, Turning Point USA member Candace Owens tweeted the following:

The fact that vaccine-criminal Bill Gates and the Left are going absolutely insane about the defunding of @WHO, is about all the proof we need to know that @realDonaldTrump did the right thing. Now defund the United Nations. #AmericaFirst

First off, what the fuck is a vaccine criminal?

Candace Owens seems to be going full anti-vaccination as of late. Sorry, she’s not against vaccination, she’s — well, I’ll let her explain:

Want to be super clear — I am not against vaccinations. I am against human guinea pigs of African tribal children for vaccinations, which means I am necessarily against @BillGates and I am thoroughly celebrating the defunding of @WHO. — Twitter, 4/15/2020

For the past half a week or so, Owens has been doing almost nothing but talking about Bill Gates on Twitter, and how he’s planning to sterilize you with his vaccinations — which she’s not against, of course.

Here’s another claim from her:

One of my favorite things is Snopes rating something as “false” & being completely unable to explain why they are rating it false. Read their take on Catholic bishops in Kenya coming forward about African women being sterilized by @BillGates vaccinations.

Owens then links to a Snopes article with the headline “Is Tetanus Vaccine Spiked With Sterilization Chemicals?” So, are they unable to explain while these claims are false, like Candace Owens claims? Well, let’s read the last two paragraphs of the article and find out, I’ll bold any important parts:

While no evidence has been offered to suggest that narrative was anything other than a desperate PR move by a business whose accreditation had been revoked, the claim of a government’s mandating doctored results to sell a secret sterilization program has not been ignored by conspiracy minded websites such as Your News Wire, which continued to promote Agriq-Quest’s claims as recently as February 2018.

Despite such claims, no compelling evidence exists that the tetanus vaccination program in Kenya has been in any way animated by a desire to sterilize Kenyan women. Such claims have their roots in laboratory testing widely considered to have been flawed in method.

Wow, it seems Snopes could, quite easily, explain why that claim was false. This leaves two explanations, either Owens didn’t read the article, or she’s lying to her audience.

Of course, these theories of an evil West going over to Africa to imperialize them through medicine have been around for a long time. What does this attitude cause? A Tampa Bay Times article about the AIDS epidemic in Africa seems to have the answer:

Some blacks in South Africa even see the [HIV] virus as a plot by whites to preserve apartheid by persuading blacks to use condoms, thus reducing the pregnancy rate in the black population.

Most of my readers will understand why that’s insane, however, fewer of them will be able to recognize the theories that Bill Gates is doing this through vaccines as just as crazy. But I must ask; what, fundamentally, is the difference between the “insane” claim of the South African and the “normal” claim of Candace Owens?

This is the end result of the death cult of nationalism. The idea that countries are not even allowed to trade medicine without being accused of imperialism is absurd and quite dangerous, and is being promoted by someone who has met with the President.