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If you want an actual look at the Canadian election, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. If you want to see an article not just laughing at Populism, a refer you to my previous comment. If you think I’m not just going to laugh at Maxime Bernier, then — you know what, you get the idea.

Bernier runs what he has called The People’s Party Of Canada, however, it seems the Person Party might be more accurate. Bernier’s party got around 292,808 votes across the entire country — over 21 times more feel represented by the Conservative Party Bernier left in the first place.

Hey, here’s Bernier mocking Conservative leader Andrew Scheer for saying his party is going to lose:

Scheer: Poor Maxime thinks he can win with principles and good policies! LOL!

Kinsella: We’ll show him how a real dirty campaign is run. I have decades of experience doing it with Liberals. Deal?

Scheer: Cheque is in the mail Warren!

-Bernier on Twitter, Two days before the election

Do you want to know what the funniest part is? The People’s Party actually lost seats in the election, going from the awful amount of one to the even worse amount of zero. Yes, his party was so for the people that the one place of Canada that put up with him long enough to elect him chose to change there mind an election later.

Here’s Bernier’s statement on Twitter in response to the election:

Thank you to the 300k Canadians who supported @peoplespca candidates yesterday. The results were disappointing. But the struggle for a better society never ends. And the principles and policies we proposed are more relevant than ever.

Disappointing? You’re the party of the people? Shouldn’t you get the votes of 100% of people? What, are there just around 70 times more non-people in Canada that vote than human beings?

This is why I believe Trudeau should pass something that renames Bernier’s party “the Person Party,” if he is able to do such a thing, as that is a much more accurate title than “the People’s Party.”

Before you say it, I know someone is going to bring up the success of the Bloc Quebecois Party as evidence that I am wrong. However, that party is not only succeeding at a time where many citizens of Quebec want to leave from Canada (making it much closer to UKIP than any other standard populist party) but is also a far-left party, while the People’s Party is far right.

As I talked about recently on Liberty Hawk, nationalism is a collectivist philosophy. As such, any forms of left-wing nationalism and/or populism is always going to look better than the right-wing cousin, if only because it’s more consistent for collectivism to come from a group like the left than a group like the right.

Right-wing populism will never be a thing, stop trying to make it a thing.

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