Unplanned and Hypocrisy: The Pro-Life Movement Explained

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Being a member of the pro-life movement must be miserable. Everything, and I do mean everything, that happens involving abortion is going to be the thing that ends it. Both the New York legislation that deregulated the abortion industry greatly and the new restrictions all across the Midwest — despite being the exact opposite — are both going to have the same result. God Bless Morton’s Fork.

Meanwhile, you’ve convinced yourself you’re a modern day abolitionist while never bothering to do anything the abolitionists did (such as, off the top of my head, create your own party that wins the presidency despite not being on the ballot in half the country) because you’re just lazy.

To keep this movement going, you have to try and convince young people and feminists that you’re actually on there side. While hoping no one remembers that you have spent the past almost 50 years complaining about how young people and feminists are destroying our society, because you certainly don’t, you either just remember what the Republican Party tells you to remember or are 15 (at most) and just starting to understand the basics of philosophy.

Evie Magazine — the “conservative magazine for women,” — has said many times that “politics just trickles down from culture.” Mind you, they send this in tweets to me which they since deleted regarding my criticism of there idea that “sexist music,” — or rap music that involves a woman being paid to wear a bikini, good to see they’re SWERF’s — leads to sexism in real life. An idea that is about as believable to me as violent video games leading to violence in real life (long story short: They have it backwards, sexism in real life causes people to be sexist and leads them to like sexist media because of its sexism) and an idea so believable to them they had to delete tweets saying this.

What I’m saying is, I’m only taking these people seriously as a framing device and not because anything they say makes sense.

So, let’s talk about culture. Just today, Evie released a piece talking about the horrible issue of some women being shamed for being mothers. They provide no statistics or quotes from anyone to prove this is happening and instead they just talk about why this one woman chose to be mother. What culture are they trying to create here? One where women can write articles about how they are being shamed for being mothers even if they’re not? In that case, I expect this magazine to talk about how great the #metoo movement was. Surprise, they haven’t.

This bring us to Unplanned, the newest thing that is going to end all abortion forever. This movie is “based on the life story of,” Abby Johnson — a woman who was a slut, murderer, and baby killer for years before leaving Planned Parenthood and joining the pro-life movement. I’ve pointed this out before, but the pro-life movement are extremely easy to please. Even Jane Roe herself — the woman who caused all there problems back in the 70s — is now a hero among the pro-life movement because 20 years later she became pro-life. The only exception is Margret Sanger, who was openly against the idea of abortion, because hating Planned Parenthood comes before anything, including reality.

We all know had Johnson stayed at Planned Parenthood, she would be treated as a monster. For god sake, Johnson had two abortions before joining Planned Parenthood. Why aren’t they calling for her to be arrested for double-homicide?

Now more and more states are passing “heartbeat bills,” and are using this movie as a justification and not a reason. This is getting painful.

According to both Josh Hammer and actual sources, Republicans in congress are going to pass more anti-abortion legislation (or at least try, because there last failed and the congress is the exact same). Instead, they are trying to get people to admit they support abortion — which has never been a secret — and calming that means they also support anything else that is bad.

Again, this is getting painful.

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