Universities Can Get Away With Anything

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This morning, actress Lori Laughlin turned herself in after her and many other parents were caught bribing universities to allow under-skilled kids to be enrolled.

To be honest, I can’t believe this is possible. Not because I don’t believe colleges aren’t this corrupt, but because I refuse to believe there are people colleges will not except.

People make fun of Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren for lying about being Native American in order to get into Harvard, as they should be. Yet, no one considered asking why Harvard did not force those who use affirmative action programs to take a DNA test. You would think that would be a requirement.

Love him or hate him, David Hogg also did not deserve to get into Harvard. His SAT score was 1270, while the bottom 25% of Harvard (The “F” students, if you will) had an average of 1460.

While this is going on, Harvard is also facing a lawsuit for artificially lowering the amount of Asian students by including nonsense “personality qualities,” (including, but not limited to: “likability,””maturity,””integrity,” and “effervescence,” just to name a few) that would not effect how good of a student the person is. All of this is being done under the smokescreen of programs designed to help minorities get into these schools.

Let us not forget the amount of scandals universities have gotten into for giving student athletes special treatment. A few years ago, the University of North Carolina was caught giving student athletes “shadow classes,” that usually did not exist. Stanford did something similar, but the classes were real. They include “Beginners Improve,” and “Social Dances of North America Part 3.” Is it any surprise illiteracy runs rampant among college athletes?

Of course, if they make any actual money off of being an athlete the NCAA will make sure they are shut down. NCAA president Mark Emmert — who looks way to much like Newt Gingrich for his own good — has said many times he will not pay athletes.

And of course, whistle blowers are punished regularly. And teachers who call this out and insist athletes be treated like anyone else get punished by the school.

Here’s my other thought: The fact this matters in the first place is proof something bigger is going on. You would assume that any student that can keep up with there work is qualified, yet these students who are not good enough can still get the work done? This in nonsense!

A mass investigation has been overdue for quite some time, however colleges must also be punished. I’m calling it now: The media will never tell you which schools this happens at nor will the schools that took the bribes be punished.

A call for government regulation is also a necessity. Notice how you do not see this happen even half as often at public High Schools. If anything, this makes the greatest case for federal college I’ve ever seen.

But let’s see how long it takes before the people actually rise up, I’m not holding my breath.

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