Two Examples Of Good News In One Day? Is Such A Thing Possible?

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As an ancap, the only time I like government officials is when they’re leaving me alone. Recently, two decisions have been made that would make that happen more often, I know, it sounds crazy. But I swear, it’s real.

First off, the Supreme Court of Oregon made the decision that it is unconstitutional for police to search trash without a warrant.

After Tracy Lien and Travis Wilverding were convicted of owning Meth and Heroine, they sued. The main argument was the proof of this was collected without a warrant, meaning any evidence gathered from this is invalid in a court of law.

The State court agreed with the two 6–1, and they will not be let free due to there being no legally gained evidence they committed the crime.

Regardless of your opinion on the War on Drugs, this is still a huge win. Police should have to follow the methods laid out by constitution. What you put in your garbage is for only you to know, and the government should have a really good reason if they wish they check it. That’s why the 4th amendment exists.

The second piece of good news involves Donald Trump, I know, shocking. The President is currently talking about liberalizing laws and informing the public about the HIV drug PrEP.

For those unaware, PrEP is made of very similar compounds to the morning after pill, with one great difference, it protects against HIV instead of pregnancy. Yet, it has faced much push back from the medical community and there shills in congress. This is despite us determining you shouldn’t be allowed to ban birth control 50 years ago!

The drug is almost never talked about despite being one of the greatest medical advancements in human history, I’d say Nobel Prize worthy. The first time I heard about it, it was a story about how a man had to threaten to sue a hospital to get it. Yet, they hand out opium like it’s nobody’s business, how shameful.

Combine this with other efforts the president has made to stop the spread of HIV, and I believe he may be able to end new cases of HIV almost entirely the end of his administration.

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