Turning Point USA and Racism

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Warning: The story below contains the use of racial slurs and other language that could be considered offensive to others. This is only done while quoting someone who is being referenced in the article and does not reflect the views of the author of this piece. I have chosen to left anything said by the subject uncensored as both that is the most honest way to report the story and because you should never interrupt your enemy while they’re making a fatal mistake.

Yesterday, it broke that pro-gun parkland teen and Turning Point USA official Kyle Kashuv has had a bit of a racist past.

The Daily Beast reports that Kashuv wrote a document that used a certain word over a dozen times, wrote “like im really good at typing nigger ok like practice uhhhhhh makes perfect son??!!,” (which isn’t even a coherent sentence) and called black student-athletes “niggerjocks.”

Normally, this would not be a big deal. Some sixteen-years-old told a racist joke to his friends, okay? However, Kyle himself did feel the need to apologize for it. This is what he posted on Twitter:

A quick note on callous comments I made a few years ago in high school that are circulating.

I would just like to point out he’s saying he needed to be shot at to realize he shouldn’t brag about being “really good at typing nigger.”

As mentioned above, Kyle is part of Charlie Kirk’s Republican shill group Turning Point USA. Neither Charlie Kirk nor Candace Owens has commented on this clear example of racist within there group. Here are some things that are racist according to her Blexit website:

  • Lyndon Johnson, the man who signed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act into law.
  • Abortion.
  • Hillary Clinton calling criminals (which they dishonestly call “black youth”) “‘super-predators’ with ‘no conscience’ or ‘empathy.’”
  • Harry Truman saying “Negroes ought to be in Africa.” Wait, aren’t those the Republican immigration policy?
  • Bill Clinton saying “A few years ago, [Barack Obama] would have been getting us coffee.” I don’t get it.

The real examples of racism, according to crazy.

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