Trump’s Not Going To Stop Any Endless Wars

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What do you know? Another prediction of mine that was 100% correct? Yep, I predicted that Trump pulling troops out of Syria was not going to be any major foreign policy shift for the administration.

For those unaware of what I’m talking about, the Trump administration is taking the troops from Syria and putting them into Iraq.

Hey, remember when Trump was mindlessly talking about “endless war?” Why is a war that has been going on for 16 years considered less endless than one that has been going for less than 10? Trump is trying to end an “endless war,” by moving American military forces to a war that has been going on for longer.

The entire goal of moving troops from Syria was Trump trying to pander to the more far left voices in US culture that have shown sympathy towards him since day one. Of course, he forgot to take into account the factor of the Kurds being communists — but that’s a story I’ve told a number of times before.

This is what I’ve been warning about since Trump started this anti-war rhetoric. It is common for people to pretend to be war, Smedly Butler called out Woodrow Wilson for doing just than back in War Is A Racket, which was published in the 1920s.

Expecting Donald Trump to be anti-war is the same as expecting a lion to not hunt.

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