Trump’s New Budget Is A Disaster

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On Monday, President Trump sent his budget for the fiscal year of 2020 to congress. This plan is going to cost the federal government $4.75 trillion, a record high.

I tried to find someone who was defending this in order to move into the next part of this article, but that was harder than I thought. — a far right website — instead has columnists complaining about socialism and . . .whatever Dennis Prager cares about. The fine folks at the Daily Wire have no idea what a budget is. Oh, and being on WND for to long can give your PC a virus (or so I've heard).

I’ll start with positives: Domestic HIV funding is getting an increase. This is great considering we just had the second person to ever be cured of HIV.

So, let’s talk about what’s actually in the budget. We’ll start with some cuts:

  • $845 Billion from Medicare
  • $25 Billion from Social Security

What’s the first thing you notice? If it’s “those are both programs that Trump promised he would not cut those programs,” that’s valid. If it’s “those are programs I’ve paid into my whole life, now this president can deny them from me! What right does he have to do that?,” that’s also okay.

Of course, welfare is also cut. $1.5 Trillion coming from Medicaid and $207 Billion from food stamps.

Here’s some more: The Department of Education gets a 10% cut, large cuts for the environment, and the Pentagon. Instead, a large amount of the Pentagon funding will go towards funding his giant border wall. I assume this will go so well he’ll have to declare a State of Emergency in order to maybe build the wall.

This budget also increases the military budget by about 5%. Which is odd because I thought this president was a non-interventionist who believed in a small military that would keep the nation safe. Although, maybe John Bolton wrote that part.

And I would say “let’s not forget about the deficit,” but it seems the president already has. Independent breakdowns find this deficit is on the exact same level as the worst deficits of the Obama and Bush administrations.

2020 is going to be one interesting year.

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