Trump Supporters Fight For Trump Harder Than Trump

I knew from the moment the election results were first denied that Trump would give up quietly, and never announce it. Trump might even pretend he never gave up, which would obviously be a lie. This is, after all, the same man who said this when Democrats were threatening impeachment:

When Trump signed the mediocre stimulus bill panned by much of his base and himself, a bill of which he said he wouldn’t sign unless it included $2,000 stimulus checks instead of the $600 the bill authorizes (a move supported by Congressional Democrats and opposed by Mitch McConnell) and a repeal of Section 230, he had basically admitted that he’d given up. He lost this political battle, and so close to the end of his term — this is the man a sizable amount of the country thinks will hold a coup.

Here is how MAGA Twitter responded:

Once again, a non-small portion of this nation wants this man to hold a coup, meanwhile, he seems rather uninterested in even finishing his current term. With the end in sight, it seems like Donald has basically given up since it became clear that, no matter what he did, Biden was going to be replacing him on 1/20/2021. I expected Trump to fuck off to Mar-A-Lago during the Christmas season and just put Pence in charge for the remaining month, and while it seems like the specifics of that prediction were wrong, Trump has clearly mentally checked out for quite awhile.

You might remember Trump supporters holding a “Million MAGA March” on 11/14/2020, when thousands of Trump supporters (although nowhere near a million) rallied for the President outside of Washing D.C. How did Trump respond to this massive gathering in his name? He drove right through them and spent the rest of the day playing golf — because Trump had long since stopped caring about the quest of his supporters.

Think about who has been doing most of the fighting to get the election overturned — it hasn’t been Donald Trump, it’s been Rudy Giuliani and, until she was fired, Sidney Powell. When Trump testified to the Pennsylvania state Senate during a hearing on voter fraud back on 11/25/2020, Trump couldn’t even be bothered to show up in person, instead calling Rudy and talking to the Senate through speaker phone (although maybe it was an attempt at social distancing). Trump never once appeared at a single press conference related to voter fraud, instead spending much of his day tweeting about how there’s totally voter fraud — but he just can’t be bothered to show you any of the evidence.

I find it funny that the President is the man being blamed for all the claims of election fraud when, truth be told, he’s barley doing anything. And now Rep. Gohmert has filed a lawsuit against Mike Pence to try and overturn the election — meanwhile, the President has showed no interest in getting the results overturned outside of a handful of tweets. Mike Pompeo joking that there will be a “peaceful transition to Trump’s second term” (how do you “transition to” something that’s already happening?)is more than the President who these men are fighting has done.

When the Supreme Court first rejected even hearing Trump’s case — or more accurately, Giuliani’s case for Trump — on a vote of 7–2, I knew the entire thing was over. While some Trump supporters are still under the delusion that Trump will somehow remain President come that fateful day in January, we know that the President himself is under no such false hope.



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