Trump Makes Another Interventionist National Security Advisor

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Well, Trump has officially appointed a new National Security Advisor — Robert C. O’Brein. Similar to Bolton, he is yet another interventionist war hawk. Bad for this country? Yes. Another chance for me to be proven right? Also yes.

This cannot be stressed enough, if you still consider Donald Trump to be anti-war, you are lying to yourself. O’Brein — a name strikingly similar to the bad guy of 1984 — is no more anti-war than John Bolton was, who we agreed was not anti-war.

To put it simply, O’Brein is just John Bolton. This is not me saying this, nor is someone saying this now. This was actually a comment made by Republican commentator Hugh Hewitt — CEO of the Richard Nixon Foundation — who called O’Brein “Bolton light,” back in March of last year.

Hewitt also wrote the forward to O’Brein’s 2016 book While America Slept — the title being a play on John Kennedy’s famous book on the second World War While England Slept. The first chapter starting off by asking “What Would Winston Churchill Do?” in regards to Russia annexing Crimea — the answer of course being lose the next election because you compared your opponents to the NAZIs — shows what kind of man O’Brein is.

Bolton was not an accident. Pompeo was not an accident. This is a coincided effort by the administration as it wishes to stop the non-interventionist platform in order to continue the empire.

To give you an idea of what this man thinks of a recent crisis, here’s a section from one of the columns in his book:

Iran is a sworn enemy of the United States. It is a revolutionary regime that is committed to changing the contours of the entire Middle East and destroying America’s key regional ally, Israel. Iran has held American diplomats hostage, currently holds Americans, including journalists, hostage and has killed hundreds of American servicemen and women in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, directly or through proxies, since taking power. There is simply no evidence to support the idea that we can trust revolutionary Iran to give up its long-term goal of developing a nuclear weapon and delivery systems.

He was having a bad day that day.

That column was written for The National Interest. For those curious, The National Interest was founded in 1985 by (former) Trotskyist Irving Kristol, who along with William Buckley helped found neoconservative. They were first published by The National Affairs, a magazine with such great authors as Henry Kissinger and — no, that’s really all I need to use as an example.

The National Interest is currently published by a think tank called Center for the National Interest, founded by Richard Nixon.

O’Brein is simply Bolton light, as even his supporters admit. Trump is a neo-con, plain and simple.

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