Trump Just Doesn’t Care

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Here’s a question: Did you know you can just ignore a subpoena? At least, you can if you’re two people. Those people being Vice President Mike Pence and Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg, the greatest enemy of the populist-right, did just did when he was subpoenaed. I imagine the reaction would be much more negative, it could even anger Josh Hawley so deeply he’d have a heart attack. Yet, the President and his buddies are clearly above the law according to himself.

They aren’t even hiding it anymore, they’re saying that it’s happening but that it also just magically doesn’t matter.

Chief-of-staff Mike Mulvaney also had something to say on this matter. You see, he has an odd defense of his boss. You see, it turns out there was a Quid-Pro-Quo except Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate the 2016 election, which he won.

What Hunted Biden had to do with the 2016 election, I have no idea at this point. These people are lying so much they can’t even keep it straight anymore, at least the alternative facts use to be consistent.

Here’s a simple statement of reality: Republicans care more about communists in Syria and informal laws they credit to a Vice-President they hate than they do actual laws in the real world that should matter to a sitting President.

And make no mistake, any Republican trying to only be 99% partisan is in for the same treatment as Justin Amash. The Club For Growth (one of those evil libertarian think tanks except they support Trump) ran an ad today calling Mitt Romney — who was the Republican nomination for President in 2012, and had there full support — a secret Democrat.

If you are a Republican, you’re a member of a cult. Even after Trump, this idol worship will continue. They worshiped Bush and still worship Reagan independent of free thinking. While some Republicans do not fall into this category, they are sadly not the ones going to Washington D.C.

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