Trump Is No Anti-War Hero

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So Trump called out the rampant profiteering regarding the military industrial complex. During a Press Conference on Monday, he said the following:

I’m not saying the military’s in love with me — the soldiers are, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.

At this point, seeing former anti-war heroes failing for Trump regardless of reality is a story I have to keep reading. Yes, the President was right when he said that rampant profiteering is a major issue, however, he is one of the men who has enabled the issue.

First off, the soldiers do not love him. Every poll of soldiers find that many of them lean Biden, although the polls are also quite close among this demographic. That’s not love, at best that’s neutralness or apathy.

And am I really suppose to just ignore how many times this administration has nearly gotten us into a massive war. This administration has nearly created a war with at least four governments: Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela. This administration has hired people like John Bolton, and made neo-conservative Mike Pompeo Secretary Of State. Am I really suppose to just forget that because he called out the same profiteering his administration supports?

Mind I remind you all, this administration started by increasing drone strikes 432%. Civilian Deaths in foreign countries have also skyrocketed over the course of Trump’s Presidency. None of that can be excused simply because he said some mean words about the Pentagon.

Trump did not say this because he believed it, he said it because it would make him look good. The comments he made were in response to The Atlantic publishing a story where anonymous people tell stories of Trump insulting the military — the idea of them being anonymous is what stopped many who support Q-Anon from believing it, of course. This was not a deeply held belief, this is nothing more than him just trying to insult people who don’t like them — while denying they exist.

It’s actually quite funny many are comparing this to Eisenhower warning about “the military industrial complex.” I agree, as Eisenhower has also gained massive anti-war hero status he simply does not deserve.

What is commonly left out in these stories is that Eisenhower was one of the strictest enforcers of the Truman Doctrine — which said the US military would do anything possible to stop the spread of communism. Under his watch, the United States held a coup in Iran creating many of the issues we have with them today, as well as one in Guatemala, which introduced the term “Banana Republic” into our vocabulary. It was also him administration that laid the groundwork for what later became the War in Vietnam.

The people who are now treating Trump is an anti-war hero are the people who mistake pretty words with ugly reality. They are mistaking a good call out, on which I agree with, with three years worth of hawkish foreign policy and hiring interventionists.

To put it simply, Trump is not anti-war, he’s just pro-himself.

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