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Donald Trump has billed himself throughout his entire time in political light since 2015 as a protectionist. He wanted to pull out of NAFTA, called one trade deal “a rape of our country,” and is best friends with Pat Buchanan.

As President, the leader of our nation has started a trade war with China and put tariffs on every country from China to France for seemingly no reason.

Of course, Trump has had his moments of showing he doesn’t believe any of this. Remember when NAFTA was suppose to be renegotiated? Trump’s NAFTA only had two changes — one of which was an open up of Canada’s dairy market, making it an increase in free trade.

Speaking of Buchanan — easily the grandfather of the populist-right and one of the biggest cheerleaders for Donald Trump — here’s what he said on NAFTA back in 1993:

Why does the Populist Right abhor NAFTA? Because NAFTA epitomizes all that repels us in the modern state. Though advertised as “free trade,” it is anti-freedom, 1,200 pages of rules, regulations, laws, fines, commissions–plus side agreements–setting up no fewer than 49 new bureaucracies.

Sounds like an issue that can be fixed by raising the amount of car parts that have to be made in America before they can qualify for not having a tariff (the other change for Trump’s).

But the 90’s were a long time ago, to be fair, and Buchanan’s opinions do randomly just change sometimes (hey, remember when the anti-war hero tried to ruin candidates who were against the war in Vietnam?).

Here’s what Buchanan — again, the hero of the Trump supporters — wrote just last year on China:

Tariffs were the taxes that made America great. They were the taxes relied upon by the first and greatest of our early statesmen, before the coming of the globalists Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

Tariffs, to protect manufacturers and jobs, were the Republican Party’s path to power and prosperity in the 19th and 20th centuries, before the rise of the Rockefeller Eastern liberal establishment and its embrace of the British-bred heresy of unfettered free trade.

To be fair, he did say “unfettered,” not “mostly unfettered.”

This has officially peaked today, as Donald Trump has signed “phase one,” of a new trade deal with China. But wait a minute? I thought Trump was going to get us out of those trade deals. Now he’s signing more of them? Nothing about this makes sense.

The myth of Trump and China as enemies is something that the Democratic candidates should be talking about non-stop. Xi Jinping has actually endorsed Donald Trump for re-election, calling him “easy to read.”

I should also note, as a libertarian, I support Trump’s 180 on trade from where Trump was before. However, the fact that his supporters aren’t saying anything is quite funny.

Maybe, by 2021, Trump will be a full ancap. If that happens, I’ll say that I certainly wouldn’t mind. Knowing this President though, this is a fluke and the President will be back to full nationalism by next week. That’s what happened when he expanded free trade with a new NAFTA, and what happened when he started bombing Niger.

But either way, Trump is going full globalist — and always make sure to go full globalist.

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