Trump Calls For Red Flag Laws

On Saturday, two mass shootings hit the nation. Considering they were from people with the exact opposite political views (the El Paso shooter was a white nationalist while the Dayton shooter was Antifa), the media has been trying to figure out what to blame them both on.

The President was on the case:

First off, credit to the president for remembering it was Dayton this time. Here’s what Trump said during his address:

As for the tweet, of course it’s nonsense. Background checks have been law for nearly 25 years at this point. I’d recommend the President look up The Brady Bill.

Also, I love how he uses this as an excuse to get his wall. You see, despite the shooters being two native and legal citizens, Trump thinks this is a good reason to restrict immigrants. If only there were more laws that couldn’t have any impact, that would stop the shooting.

Trump has since proposed his own forms of gun control. That being in the form of red flag laws.

Red flag laws are complete nonsense. If someone has done something so bad they deserve to be deprived of the right to bear arm, a right promised to them by The Bill of Rights, they should not be in society. They should be in a prison cell, far away from society.

If they’re out on the street, that’s quite possibly the worst place they can be. If they’re out of prison, they can easily get a gun on the black market. This is what happened after the Reagan administration banned fully automatic weapons in 1986. These days, breaking the law to get a fully automatic is considered to be a bragging right among gun collectors.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has taken action by planning to introducing these red flag laws in the Senate.

Graham also supports:

I don’t really feel like I need to go on.

Graham is also a neo-con. During his 2016 Presidential Campaign, he directly told someone interviewing him he had no plans to leave the middle east. That’s not “a culture of violence”?

I should also note this is exactly what I called. Over at Freedom First, I wrote the following:

The President and his gang of culture warriors are going to try to legislate culture, which is impossible. All this is going to do is create a more authoritarian state and not have any effect on whatever “culture,” is this week.

Until we understand that, we can never truly end gun violence.



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Ephrom Josine

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