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The phrase “America First,” as used by President Donald Trump has caused a lot of controversies since it was first used in his inauguration address. The advocates argued we have been taken over by globalists, and it is finally time for a president to put his country before those in the Middle East. Critics argued we have become a global community, so putting America first was bigoted. Others remembered the phrase being used by the isolationist “America First Party,” which formed in response to World War Two.

My issue with this idea does not come from any disagreement I have with a leader putting his country first, instead, my issue is that the slogan is a lie. A few weeks ago, I covered the attempts by his administration to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

As of right now, the administration has supported anarchists and terrorists in Venezuela, radical Islamist groups in Syria, and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. The administration continuing to escalate in Venezuela also may cause a large number of tensions between the United States and Russia and China — the only two countries with comparable military spending.

Of course, these groups of radicals will become the enemy within the next ten to twenty years. Especially in the case of Syria’s radical Jihadist problem. Yet, when some suggest that is not in spite of our funding but because of our funding, they are decried as a “conspiracy theorist” or “jaded” (which is one step above calling some a “Debby Downer.”) Those who suggest we just not bother fighting two enemies are called “supporters of fascism” just as they will be called when these groups become enemies. Those who say leaders need some amount of popular support and as such removing these leaders is a violation of sovereignty is called “racist” or “authoritarian” through mental gymnastics I remain unsure even they understand. I know, all three have happened to me.

Of course, the subject of blaming those who were against war for all war being endless is a subject for another day. However, it must be noted one of the reasons many were happy with Trump entering the race was because he was bringing the idea of non-interventionist foreign policy back into national discussion ever since the idea was killed by the second President Bush. While many were disgusted with him saying we should “bomb the shit out of” ISIS, others felt it was time we finally start being specific with who our enemies are as oppose to playing “both sides” as done by other leaders.

Since then, I’ve learned a few things. The first being me and the President have two very definitions of terrorism. Here are some quotes, I won’t tell you who they’re from nor what they’re talking about. You’ll see why afterward:

Those who are against us deserve to have their heads chopped off with an axe.

I’ve killed lots of [Religious Group] in my life — there’s no problem with that.

6,231 targets were destroyed . . . parts of [country] were sent back to the Stone Age.

All three of those were quotes from Israel candidates in 2019 while talking about the Palestinians. The religious group mentioned were Arabs and the country was Gaza. When Hamas makes statements even half this inflammatory against Israel, they are rightfully called terrorists, including by our president.

Let us not forget, this was the man who — when called by a local news station to talk about 9/11 — talked about how the destroying of the Twin Towers meant he had the largest building in New York City.

This week, Trump and his supporters gave us two examples of where there support truly lies. First, with the Notre Dame Cathedral, and second with the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Almost admittedly after the fire in Notre Dame, the administration jumped into action. Trump even tried having conversations with the Pope (who would prefer to do this and not deal with pedophiles within the church) and has talked about doing the same with French president Emmanuel Macron involving giving money from the United States to France so they can fix the giant church. Rather this violates the separation of the church and the state promised by the Bill of Rights and state is another question no one is willing to ask.

However, refusing to go against the country of Saudi Arabia has been the biggest betrayal to the country I’ve ever seen. Last night, he gave his second-ever veto regarding an attempt by Congress to defund Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. Of course, Saudi Arabia has caused a cholera outbreak, blockaded help which has caused untold amounts of death through starvation, and much death. Of course, Trump has a large ally to Saudi Arabia and even got the media to talk about there evils through pure bitterness towards him. Well, that and the death of a radical Muslim they pretended was a journalist, but that’s another story.

A noted supporter of Israel, pro-lifer, and civility fan Josh Hammer has defended this move, saying the following:

The Houthi rebels that Iran backs in Yemen, and against which the Saudi monarchy is fighting, happen to be an openly genocidal anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic jihadist menagerie.

This is different from the Saudi monarchy who are openly genocidal anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic jihadists who the United States support. That, and the fact they were directly involved with the attacks on 9/11.

Earlier this month, Rep. Omar was in another controversy that revolved around her being a Muslim who is critical of Israel. This time, many on the right — including Mr. Hammer — called her anti-American (while denying they were doing such a thing) for describing 9/11 as “some people who did something.” This was bad.

However, I still argue this act was child's play compared to the Republican blocking of investigation done by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Sectary of Defensive Donald Rumsfeld. This act is also nothing compared to the terrorism Republican President Donald Trump is doing by not throwing out the relationship, and being friends to those who actively admit to being anti-America. I also will proudly argue that Hammer — in his support of this — is equally as against the United States as he thinks the average BDS supporter is, he just doesn’t realize it.

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