Transgender High School Sports: The Issue Of Our Time

Recently, an amendment to the Civil Right’s Act caused a large amount of controversy. Why? Because it includes protections for gender identity and sexual orientation, and this may at some point lead to transgender women joining female High School sports.

This is very important . . . for some reason. Does anyone outside of High School care about High School sports? Even locally, do you know how many games your High School football team won this season? Of course not. The only people who care about High School sports are either High School students, who we don’t really care about the concerns of, and the parents of High School students who are athletes.

For that matter, it seems half the time transgender people existing has caused an issue with these people. Every now and then, you see a story on various right-wing websites that involve a transgender woman beating a cis woman in some sport. When, in Texas, a transgender man beat cis women in many local wrestling matches, these people reacted with the exact same amount of anger.

For that matter, there is no evidence it would force schools to allow transgenders to join a sports team, meaning any measure would be nearly impossible to enforce. If anything, considering women’s rights provisions were added to the Civil Right’s Act in the first place (in an attempt to sabotage it, but that’s beside the point) and sports are still segregated, it seems very unlikely it would do anything involving High School sports. Even then, a simple amendment could be added in Congress to make it so this doesn’t apply to High School sports. This is all idiotic.

That’s not what I want to talk about though, at least not in detail. You see, if you go to any right-wing site you’d think the House Democrats signed onto a bill called “The Put Transgender Women In High School Sports To Ruin Civilization Act of 2019.” The only website on the right that gave an accurate headline that I could find was Louder with Crowder (the title of the window itself is still “House Democrats: Lets Force Schools To Let Transgender Boys Compete As Girls”). But that column has other issues. Most notably, I don’t think the authors know how transgenderism works. Read this line if you don’t believe me:

Now take a man who is also shooting himself up with hormones, and it’s a clear unfair advantage to men who are not shooting themselves with hormones. Vastly more testosterone gives a clear edge in athletic endeavors.

Those hormones being injected, for those who don’t know, are estrogen, not testosterone. In fact, in order to undergo Hormone Replace Therapy, you would have to block testosterone.

Update: Thanks to Anna Lynne Mitchell for pointing this out because I didn’t actually know this, but undergoing HRT would actually change your muscle mass and eliminate the advantage Courtney is talking about. Which is odd, because at least most transphobes will go with the debunked “a man who put on a dress” stereotype. Courtney didn’t even do that. I’ve never seen this before, someone who is actively bad at being transphobic.

I also don’t know if the two authors understand how High School sports work:

As they watch Chad who is now Chastity run passed them in the 400-meter relay, penis flapping in the breeze.

You aren’t naked during High School sports tournaments.

Courtney Kirchoff, the editor at large of Louder With Crowder and one of two writers of the piece above, thinks I’m a bad person anyway (along with Matt Walsh, who I’ll get to in a minute) because I “endorse transgenderism.” As she expressed in a column written a month, to the day, ago.

You see, it turns out people like me actually hurt transgenders. I’ll let her explain:

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer. You confide in your friends and family, hoping they’ll support you through this difficult time. But your idea of support differs from what medicine defines as appropriate treatment. What you want from your friends and family as you endure cancer is to pretend cancer is a blessing. You demand your friends and family, if they love you, encourage you to live this new truth. Cancer is what you were always supposed to have, you’ll say. It’s who you really are, you’ll say. You don’t want to hear anything which conflicts with your view of how your diagnosis will affect you now or in the future. You’re living your truth, and your truth is cancer is who you really are. And so your friends and family, not wanting to lose your esteem, go along with “your truth.” They may even demand others who are not your friends and family, do the same. You may demand total strangers, doctors, nurses, politicians, to “indulge your fiction.”

Meanwhile, the cancer goes untreated and eats you alive. Perhaps years go by. The disease takes its toll on your body and mind. One day, if you’re lucky, you realize the error you made, so you reverse course, start the actual treatment now you have finally seen past “your truth” to the actual truth.

Once you’re on the other side, when you can reflect on the years something ate away at you unfettered, how would you view your friends, your family, doctors, nurses, and politicians who “indulged your fiction”? Would you commend them for their support, or would you condemn them for their enablement (sic) which could have killed you?

This metaphor is stupid, for a bunch of reasons. Although, it’s a common point by people who know nothing about gender dysphoria. To make it quick, transitioning is the currently supported way of treating gender dysphoria. As such, the person in the third paragraph is you.


It does a transgender person no good to go along with their fantasy just to retain their favor. They need help, support, and treatment which shouldn’t take the form of indulgence, dangerous hormones, or the mutilation of their bodies.

Most don’t know this, but Estrogen kills 45,000 people a year. Or is that lack of healthcare? I get those confused sometimes.

But now, let’s mock Matt Walsh just for fun.

This all is bad news for women, and bad news for society on a number of levels, but, politically speaking, it’s great news for Republicans. The Democrats here are rallying around a position that no sane person in the country finds reasonable. Even these Democrats themselves don’t find it reasonable, which is why none of them were talking about this ten years ago.

It’s as if society progressed and time moved forward or something. Seriously, there are real questions involving transgenderism and non-binary identities. Going “why didn’t this exist before,” is just a waste of time.

Here’s him over on Twitter:

They are way, way, way out of step with normal Americans here. Only the most radical left wing nutcases think this is a good idea.

I thought America wasn’t a democracy specifically because the majority opinion is sometimes wrong.

It’s great that the Dems are trying to force biological males into female sports. Republicans should be beating Democrats over the head with this issue constantly. It’s an absolute winner for Republicans. Makes Democrats look insane and anti-woman at the same time.

Again, the most important issue in American history. Some High School sports competition.

That’s really all that needs to be said, this will harm High School sports teams and no one else.

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