Three Thoughts On Congress Being Stormed

#1: Trump Supporters Storming The Capitol Vs. Black Lives Matter

  1. Almost every Black Lives Matter protest which later turned into a riot was decentralized and spontaneous, and most of the evidence points towards the looting being done by opportunists taking advantage of the chaos and not those associated with Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, while we do not know how pre-planned the storming of the capitol building was, we do know it was done by those who supported Trump, between them shouting “stop the steal” and them being decked out in Trump gear.
  2. There were many Black Lives Matter events all throughout the summer — again, the vast majority of them peaceful. Meanwhile, the events of yesterday make up every single time a group of Trump supporters have stormed a federal building. Now this is far from the only time Trump supporters have gathered outside D.C., and if someone were to use this to proof all examples of that were violent they would be wrong, but nobody is suggesting that. Of course, this is far from the only example of Trump supporter violence (one remembers them blocking ambulances during anti-mask protests), but once again, I do not believe all Trump supporters are violent for the same reason I do not believe all Black Lives Matter supporters are violent.

#2: Republican Politicians Are At Least Somewhat To Blame For This

#3: The United States Needs To Take Active Steps To Counter Monarchist And Fascist Influence If It Does Not Want To See Its Current Government Be Overthrown



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