This Is CNN? CNN’s History of Hiring Right-Wing Hacks.

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CNN hires Sarah Isgur — a spokeswoman for former attorney general Jeff Sessions — to be one of the leaders for covering the 2020 presidential election.

Sometimes I feel confusion over why we stopped calling CNN the “Chicken Noodle Network.” While Fox is Fox, MSNBC is dedicating more and more time as to why it should just be named “The Anti-Russia Network,” and CNBC is pure libertarian nonsense; CNN is trying to stick out as the network with the largest group of Republican partisans in the country.

In January 2006, CNN announced it would give a nightly news show to former Rush Limbaugh fill-in Glenn Beck. In 2007, CNN allowed him to have a special where he attempted to debunk the — even then mind you — well-established reality of climate change. Beck later went on to be a spokesman for the Tea Party movement which played a great role in allowing John Boehner to become speaker of the house, thank you CNN.

“But that’s just one example,” I hear the CNN defenders cry. “Clearly they haven’t done anything like that recently.” Okay, let’s see who’s currently on their payroll.

In January 2017, CNN hired former US Senator and twice-failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum as a political commentator. Santorum has — among other things — compared New York allowing gay marriage to 9/11, introduced a (failed) amendment to No Child Left Behind which would have allowed schools to teach intelligent design, called the term “middle class,” “Marxism talk,” lied about the Netherlands having involuntary euthanasia, compared the ACA to Jim Crow laws, and believes pornography should be banned. To the surprise of no one — except CNN, that is — Rick said crazy things on the failing network. Including, that having no healthcare at all is better than having Medicare.

The famous semi-atheist S.E. Cupp has had a show on CNN since August 2017. Her book Losing Our Religion has a great debunking over at Rationalwiki, so I’ll just encourage you to read that for the sake of time.

Of course, this is the news network that showed Trump’s empty podium instead of a Bernie Sanders rally, allowed Jake Tapper to pull one-sided propaganda for Israel, and still has Wolf Blitzer on. Let us not forget there recent attempts to make the presidential candidate, Kamala Harris (D-CA) look like the favorite when the polls are clearly a tossup between Sanders and Biden.

At this point, their hiring of Sarah Isgur seemed like something that was almost certain. It used to be a joke that Fox had the largest lineup of failed Republican politicians, it looks CNN might have thought that was a real accomplishment. Although, maybe they’re just trying to be the first news network to help with your cold.

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