The Wonderful World Of Joe Walsh

Before I begin this article, I should state that I do actually enjoy post-Trump Joe Walsh. I say post-Trump Joe Walsh because pre-Trump Joe Walsh, the one who has in Congress for all of one term, was a tea party crazy person.

Post-Trump Joe Walsh is pretty much a libertarian, pre-Trump Joe Walsh was more or less a Fox News Conservative. It’s no coincidence both before and after leaving Congress he became a radio host in the style of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

Joe Walsh use to be against the entire idea of a social safety net, now he’s angry Trump is cutting it. He does not believe in Climate Change, nor does he believe abortion is ever medically necessary — an argument many pro-lifers make which they can justify be redefining “abortion,” “medically,” “necessary,” and “is.” Walsh is still a hard-line Zionist, and believes Barack Obama was not one — despite the fact he put less sanctions on Israel than Ronald Reagan — because he was a Muslim.

So why does Joe Walsh now hate the President? He claims it’s because of Russian collusion, but I think it’s a little more than that. I believe it’s because Joe Walsh is a lifelong contrarian— which there is nothing wrong with, as long as you remain consistent.

Look at when Joe Walsh ran for Congress in 1996, two years after Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole had normalized his Tea Party views that would remain popular in Congress for 12 years. At this point, he was pro-choice and even favored Gun Control — this is despite the fact that it’s normally believed that Clinton’s assault riffle ban caused Democrats to lose control of Congress. He only started having Tea Party views in 2010, after Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had ran Congress for four years, and after three years of the Tea Party movement failing to gain traction.

I expect Walsh to become a Tea Party Republican the second a Democrat once again becomes President, similar to how Buchanan becomes an establishment Republican when a Democrat is President and currently is one of the biggest cheerleaders of Donald Trump.

Actually looking into his campaign simply helps confirm my suspicion he just wants attention. Here’s how he announced the campaign on Twitter:

Be Brave seems to also be the slogan of his campaign, which sounds like something Tim Ryan would come out with on one of his better days.

Here’s what his Website says:

Good to know Walsh forgot people from the other 196 countries (yes, Quebec counts)exist. He truly is a normal Republican.

I would consider a man who used to be pro-Trump until he wanted to run for President to be a con man. I hate the intelligence communities almost as much as foreign dictators. I consider thinking Black Lives Matter declared a war on America to be hate. And I wouldn’t call Trump anymore of a bully than most people who live in Washington.

Donald Trump has a 94% approval rating among the Republican Party. Who is he not representing? For that matter, if you consider that around 44% of Republicans voted for Trump in the primary, I would think that if he’s the worst of you guys, you guys are screwed.

Then why did you vote for his first four years?

Trump’s people in no way care about you.

Can’t wait for you to get 6% of the votes in the primary.

Although, I should note that if you still wish to donate to Walsh, here are the things you must agree to:

Sorry, no federal government contractors allowed.

The last thing I should note however — one thing I didn’t note in the Bill Weld column — is the idea this will cause something similar to what happened with Lyndon Johnson. Basically, many believe that Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy running for President caused Johnson to not seek re-election.

Comparing this to Trump is very misleading, as those two ran against Johnson as a statement against the war in Vietnam. Trump does not have his own Vietnam — besides maybe his trade war — so unless they’re only running against protectionism — which is a weird thing to run against only — this won’t happen.

Can’t wait for those awesome protest chants though:

Please invite me to your pro-free trade protest.



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