The Wonderful World Of Charlie Kirk: A Look At Social Media Censorship

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My use of social media is not Presidential — it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!

-Donald Trump

Donald Trump has the 12th most followed account on Twitter with 61 million followers at time of writing. Despite this, Trump is convinced that social media platforms have some form a bias against him.

Of course, Twitter can’t get rid of him. In 2017, an employee who was fired tried to, and Twitter restored it within an hour. His Twitter is so big that a judge (side note: I thought these people hated judges) declared that he is not allowed to block anybody without violating the first amendment.

Trump, who has been raging against the judicial branch his entire presidency, now believes this must be extended to everyone. This led to the social media summit, which is going on while I type this.

Instead of just point out how obviously idiotic this is, I have instead chosen to simply list the people invited and see how many Twitter followers they have:

  • Ali Alexander: 95,200

The average Twitter user has 707 followers, the average person on this list has 316,780! Over 448 times more followers than the average Twitter user.

This morning, The Washington Post had Charlie Kirk publish an op-ed about how the free market will not save conservatives. Here is what he has previously tweeted on this news outlet:

The Washington Post had one of their lead reporters do an entire investigation into the calorie count and cost of Trump serving fast food, yet they did little investigation into 30 congressional Democrats getting drunk on the beach with 109 lobbyists during a government shutdown-1/16/2019

Today the Covington Catholic students filed a lawsuit seeking $250 million in damages against the Washington Post Dozens more lawsuits expected as parents seek justice for their kids who have been slandered and defamed for the past month by the media About time we fight back!-2/19/2019

Did you know the Pentagon is about to issue Amazon $10 billion rigged contract funded by taxpayers? Bezos will then use this money to expand the Washington Post which is determined to destroy @realdonaldTrump Amazon should NOT be getting corrupt handouts funded by taxpayers!-1/26/19

Why is the Department of Defense planning to give a massive 10 year contract to Amazon, owned by Bezos who dodges taxes and undermines @Realdonaldtrump daily and owns the Washington Post?-3/7/2018

I have been trying to signal the alarm about Bezos & his crony moves in DC for months He bought the Washington Post to exercise political control, he has the most powerful lobbyists in DC, and is now on the verge of a $100 billion government contract-8/13/2018

Can’t forget Bezos sale of all @amazon cloud tech to Chinese company run by PLA officers Same tech they sold to US Intel Community for billions and now want to sell to Department of Defense! Why are we letting Amazon endanger America, all while funding the Washington Post?-7/7/2018

Obama’s kids are deemed off limits, but the Washington Post says Cruz’s kids are fair game. Disgusting.-12/23/2015

They must be doing a really bad job at censoring him considering the people he hate hire him regularly.

While we’re at it, let’s see what Kirk has previously said on government:

. @realDonaldTrump issued the lowest amount of federal red tape in a quarter century… red tape as measured by Federal Register pages dropped from a record 95,894 last year to 61,950 and on pace to do even more in 2018!-1/19/2018

The Turning Point USA website includes shirts that say the following

  • Big Government Sucks

Yet social media companies should be owned by the state.

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Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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