The Ukraine Scandal Will Not Bring Down Trump

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As of right now, my two best predictions of the year have been the most black-pilled, as they say. Those two being that Jeffery Epstein will not bring anyone else down with him and that John Bolton being fired will not significantly change the foreign policy of the Trump administration.

Allow me to make my third major prediction of 2019, Donald Trump is not going to be removed from office. He will be impeached, make no mistake, but he has been impeached a number of times. Within the first week of the Democrats taking control of office, they tried to impeach him, and it didn’t do much.

Should Trump Be Removed For This

Let’s start with this: What is Trump getting in trouble for? Basically, reports have come out that Donald Trump, during a call with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if they did not investigate dealings done by the son of Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

The main arguments from Republicans against this scandal are that we aren’t 100% sure and that Joe Biden did the same thing.

The first argument is fair, however it’s also misleading. As of right now, the transcript to the call that caused this controversy will be released to the general public tomorrow. The idea that we should not plan in the case of this being true is quite idiotic when you consider there’s a 50/50 chance of it being a big deal.

The second argument falls apart when you realize Joe Biden is currently not in office. Joe Biden is a private citizen at the moment, therefore what could we even impeach him from?

I am not calling for Donald Trump’s removal with this article, I will need to see the transcript in full before I could say such a thing. However, most of the arguments against the removal of the President rely on hypocrisy or arguments that cannot be proven right one way or the other.

Why This Won’t Lead To Removal

Before this column continues, I should note it seems many Americans do not know the difference between impeachment and removal. Impeachment is when the house votes to fire you, as happened with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Removal is when the Senate then votes to fire you as well.

That’s where my main argument against removal happening lies. It takes 2/3rd’s of the Senate to remove a sitting President at a time where Democrats do not even have a majority in the Senate — meanwhile both times we’ve come closest to removal the party pushing for removal also had a majority.

In order for removal to happen, 21 Republican Senators would have to flip. While I do see one or two voting in favor of removing Trump, that would still put them 19 or 20 short.

Trump will remain President until 2020, the question is if he should.

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