The Story Of Breonna Taylor’s Death You’re Suppose To Believe (And Why It’s Nonsense)

On 3/13/2020, a woman by the name of Breonna Taylor was shot in her sleep during a no-knock raid while sleeping in Louisville, Kentucky. Those were the consistent facts of the case for around the first four in a half months after her death. Then, suddenly, we started finding out that everything we knew was wrong.

Now we know the truth, Breonna Taylor was actually a criminal kingpin — like the main character of an all female remake of Scarface, which is already evil enough. The police did announce themselves, hence why her boyfriend, who is actually involved in drug trafficking, started shooting at the police without any understanding that they weren’t a competing gang (by the way, Kentucky is a stand your ground state). And she wasn’t asleep when that happened, she just walked into the line of fire like a normal woman does every now and again.

That is the story two police officers were acquitted of all charges on, while one was only charged of shooting through a wall. Yes, the only person indicted in this case was basically charged with not shooting Breonna Taylor. It is also utter nonsense, was only found through massive corruption, and is something that nobody who pushes this story is willing to defend.

Let’s just take a minute and think about how long this story took to develop. While both Jacob Blake’s criminal record and George Floyd’s drug problem was known within a week or two of their cases, it took us months in order to find out the basic facts of her case that now prove the cops innocent. On the other end, look at Michael Brown, where the mainstream narrative gradually broke down overtime, if you want an actual case of our initial impressions being wrong. In the case of Breonna Taylor, we just so happen to find out that basically everything we knew was wrong around the time of the trial — which is quite odd if I do say so myself.

Let’s also remember that the innocent Louisville police form tried to blackmail Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend into confirming the story they believe is backed up by the facts.

From Reason:

“On Tuesday, we were told Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover was offered a plea deal, which would have required him to say that Taylor was part of his drug operation,” Vice news correspondent Roberto Aram Ferdman noted yesterday, adding that “the family’s attorney shared a picture of a plea deal that appears to show it is true.”

Odd, if Taylor truly was guilty, they were unable to find evidence of it by searching the location they had a warrant for! Since then, to the surprise of nobody, Glover has said Taylor was involved with his drug tracking, up to the point of storing large amounts of his profits.

It should also be noted that Glover and Taylor had not been dating for months at the time Taylor was shot. The closest thing to a connection they had with each other was that some evidence suggests he sometimes received mail at her apartment. Mind you, that’s not the same thing as her receiving drugs he was ordering, but the police knew that already considering no part of the warrant filled that allowed them in Taylor’s apartment mentioned drugs in the first place!

For that matter, if Taylor was guilty it’s very odd that the Louisville police department settled a lawsuit with Breonna Taylor’s family for $12 million! In fact, it seems like the Louisville police department started with the assumption that they were guilty, and simply tried to find as many ways to theoretically justify it as humanely possible past the point they thought everyone would stop paying attention.

Lets not forget that back in June, three months after Taylor was shot, the Louisville police department filed a report that was mostly blank. Although it did, under the section for charges, list the following:

Bias Motivation: NONE (No Bias)

Well that’s good, for a second I thought this killing of an unarmed woman that you spent six months trying to cover up was race based. Yeah, even if that is true (and I said “if” for a reason), that doesn’t change the fact that Breonna Taylor is dead and the police have had to lie to justify it.

So after half a year the Louisville police have been caught lying, flip flopping, blackmailing others, and still got declared innocent. But they’re not the only one, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the following on 9/23/2020:

Evidence shows that officers both knocked and announced their presence at the apartment… The warrant was not served as a ‘no-knock’ warrant.

Wait a minute, I thought the entire reason police shot at the apartment was because her boyfriend (or was it her ex-boyfriend) shot at them while having no idea he was shooting at cops and not a rival gang. (Side note: Where exactly was Taylor when this was going down? How far away was she from her boyfriend when he was firing at the police in the first place? Those questions still remain uninvestigated, again, because this story was not gotten from an investigation.) How could her boyfriend have no idea who he was shooting at if, at the same time, the police loudly and clearly announced themselves to him? Even other aspects of this story make no sense when put together, because this story is utter nonsense.

To put it simply, the Louisville police department is lying to the mass public about what happened to Breonna Taylor. In the process, they have moved from a simple story that can be explained by a combination of human error and aggression into a nonsensical fairy tail easy to poke holes in.

Last night, riots in Kentucky broke out in response to the non-guilty verdict (based on lies) given to three officers. While it’s easy for an asshole like myself to just sit here and condemn rioting, I should instead note why this happened in the first place. The criminal justice system has failed Breonna Taylor and those worried about her case by believing the obvious lies told to us by law enforcement and not the clear facts everyone agreed with (including the Louisville police) for months on end.

I do not just want them to “say her name.” I also want them to say another word that describes what happened: Coverup.

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