The Priorities of London Police

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Today, journalist and man behind Wikileaks Julian Assange was arrested by British police. While I have voiced support for him in the past, I would like to focus on something different.

Ever since Sadiq Khan became mayor, and even more so since Teresa May became Prime Minister, the crime rate in the UK has been through the roof. It has been said that some of the elderly would be more willing to out in night while having to worry about Dracula then than in London.

However, here is what the London police force has been worrying about:

  • A guy who taught his dog how to do a NAZI salute
  • Some parents wanting to take there kid to Italy because the NHS refused to treat him
  • Some people criticizing Islam on Twitter
  • A guy who was kicked out of Ecuador who is not even an enemy of the United Kingdom.

Things they don’t care about include, but are not limited to:

  • Members of ISIS attempts to immigrate to the UK without government knowledge
  • You know what, that alone is unforgivable.

ISIS fighters have found refuge across Europe, when Pakistan did that we invaded them. While Britain is not the worst, they are still up there. Citing thousand year old blasphemy laws to lock up someone who criticizes a completely different religion seems to be bending over backwards for these people.

When the police demanded all citizens give up there knifes through baskets in public places, all the knifes placed there were stolen. This continues to prove to me that the United Kingdom laws are the best British joke since Chamberlain.

All I’m saying is maybe, instead of focusing on someone who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize every year since 2010 should be a lower priority than Islamic terrorists are for the United Kingdom police.

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