The One Slope We Can’t Talk About Slipping Down (Because It Doesn’t Exist — Like All The Other Ones)

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After the recent controversy surrounding Netflix’s film Cuties, you’d think a movement dedicated to muddying the waters regarding age would tone it down for a bit. And, of course, you’d be wrong. As while several Republican Congressmen are talking about investigating Netflix of pedophilia, pro-life activist Lila Rose tweeted the following:

A unique, individual human life begins at the moment of fertilization. This is not an opinion, but a scientific fact. A human embryo is a human just as much as a human toddler is a human.

Now that tweet, by itself, is highly inoffensive. However, might I remind you where this logic leaves — this kind of “zygotes are the same as adults” kind of thinking can bring us to nothing but a bad place. And, for that matter, might I remind you the kind of arguments the right is making at the moment:

I was in the CA majority that saw the slippery slope of gay marriage and put a stop to it with Prop 8. I received hate from the “No H8” crowd, including former friends. How many right wingers today are still failing to make this connection? Now, we have Cuties. — @AmericaSoWoke

Absolutely accurate. We have Cuties now because they didn’t stand up against gay marriage, despite having the public also against it. Even had an acceptable compromise lined up-civil unions-but they had to cave like spineless jellyfish — @HonorableRight

Honestly, after the SCOTUS created gay mock marriage out of the thin air what did you think was going to happen? A sexually desensitized nation is a morally gutted nation. — @myway2896

Basically, I’m only being as generous to them as they’re willing to be to me. It appears that the pro-life movement is jumping up and down warning that this or that will lead to normalization of pedophilia — while muddying the waters of age is the only way pedophilia can become mainstream within society. Which, at the end of the day, is the thing the pedophiles want most. Reminder, Live Action, the organization ran by Lila Rose, tweets out things like this:

You say “my body, my choice,” but why [doesn’t the fetus] have a choice? Pass this along if you are proudly pro-life!

Obviously the above is me being fallacious, the fact is most pro-lifers, in fact I would say almost no pro-lifers, are pedophiles or pedophilia apologists. I’m more pointing out just how easy it is to accuse someone of a slippery slope argument.

Some might remember this tweet from 5/2/2018 by Matt Walsh:

Every slippery slope argument made by conservatives over the past 50 years has been proven right. Every single one.

Of course, there are many responses to this claim, but this one remains my favorite:

It’s true. Me and my Goat bride lament being forced to live under Sharia law,having our guns confiscated by the guvmint,not being able to defend ourselves from all these gay frogs demanding that we bake them wedding cake and our right to pray so decimated we can’t even say OMG.

More recently, when California recently made it so the punishment for homosexual and heterosexual molestation of children was the same, Walsh wrote on Twitter:

California is on the verge of passing a bill that would potentially reduce legal penalties for gay men who have sex with minors. But remember: all those slippery slope arguments were totally baseless and crazy.

The issue with slippery slope arguments, however, is not that it’s impossible for a slope to be slipped down. It’s that it doesn’t actually tell you anything about the topic being debated — besides other people might, at some point in the future, take it too far.

The obvious example of this is same-sex marriage. Back before it was legal, commentators warned that allowing it would mean allowing everything from pedophilia (considering the current outrage over a Netflix film, people using this argument now might want to reconsider what they’re arguing), to bestiality, to polygamy, to marrying a shoe. Well, for the past five years, gay marriage has been legal in the United States, meaning now, if someone wishes to reverse it, I can ask “what’s next? Banning interracial marriage? Banning marriage between an immigrant and a native? Banning marriage when the couple doesn’t live in the same state? Banning gay relationships?” and so on and so on.

Now, I’m sure some gay marriage opponents do want this — although they are certainly not in the majority. And certainly, if gay marriage was made illegal the previously unified fight against it would break up into smaller groups, with some trying to do the insane things mentioned above. However, the exact same thing is happening to the LGBT movement now — and yet only one gets accused of putting down ice.

When a movement gets a large number of people, some of them will have alternative motives, that’s just a fact of life. However, just I do not judge the pro-life by those using it for sinister reasons, I also do not judge the LGBT movement for the worst members of their group.

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