The Importance Of Timing

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Allow me to start this article by pushing another one of my predictions, Trump is leaking this information on purpose. As we learned with both Watergate and the Clinton Impeachment trails, scandals that don’t resolve with full removal by the time of the next election tends to only help the candidate running for office.

Many forget that, while Watergate was in its infancy, it was still quite a large news story that many Americans were aware of during the end of his first term. In spite of this, Nixon won in a landslide back in 1972. This is also why Democrats supported by Clinton actually gained seats (although not enough to get back the House or Senate) during the 1998 midterm.

I pointed out an example of this during the Ukraine scandal. Basically, it caused the media to ignore the much bigger story about the Pentagon putting troops in Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, I covered a story involving Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admitting the trade war has negativity effected the United States. That story was reported on by CNBC at around noon yesterday. However, at around 6:30 P.M that night, a time people are much more likely to read news at, they released a story almost identical to the Ukraine one except instead between him and the Prime Minister of Australia.

To be honest, I believe the Trump administration, or at least someone high up within the administration, is doing this on purpose. We already know the whistle blower was a member of the CIA, which Trump runs. However, the question of why they’re doing this does not cross most Trump supporters minds.

The answer is simple, to hide the truth. The CIA is taking part in leaking various lesser scandals that many potential Trump voters are unlikely to care about so they don’t have to deal with the actual issues with this administration.

McConnell going after the trade war was more evidence it was time to manufacture consent once again. The entire goal being to create a base of loyal unthinking drones, as any criticism of the President could lead to his removal if we aren’t careful. You think I’m being hyperbolic? Will Chamberlain has basically said all of this after Turning Point USA fired someone who hung out with known scam artist Nick Fuentes. After all, they are in wartime.

Threats of impeachment is the tool that give Trump the most power. His supporters view themselves as at war with this made up establishment, so it only makes sense Trump declares a war — although not a typical one, to make sure he gets re-elected.

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