The Hunter Biden Story Falls Apart

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People, it is with a heavy heart I regret to inform you that Jack Posobiec is at it again. On 10/25/2020, the discredited Pizzagater and former Game Of Thrones blogger tweeted the following regarding the Hunter Biden email story:

Hey @joerogan you interested in getting a look at Hunter’s laptop? Happy to arrange

Why did Posobiec tweet this? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, by his own admission, the FBI has no interest in the Hunter Biden laptop story he and his friends pushed so hard. Here is what Posobiec tweeted just a few hours before he begged to go on Joe Rogan:

SCOOP: DOJ source tells @OANN that FBI dropped investigation of Hunter Biden laptop because they did not believe the repair shop owner’s story would hold up in court, although Mac Isaac provided them with evidence. They found zero evidence of foreign involvement.

So the FBI has directly stated that there’s no evidence that Hunter Biden’s laptop can be connected to him. Considering the idea that Hunter Biden just left a laptop that also doubled as a Petri dish of evidence he is evil always seemed quite ridiculous to me, I’m not surprised. However, Posobiec is, and he’s still trying to make this Hunter Biden scandal stick.

Here’s a quick compare and contrast of Posobiec’s claims about Hunter Biden before and after the FBI dropped the investigation. Before the FBI dropped the investigation, the story was:

BREAKING: In an interview just taped for @OANN it is revealed Hunter’s laptop had 40–50 images of alleged child endangerment on it that appear to include a member of his family — 10/22/2020

Now that the laptop has proven to be nonsense, Posobiec is tweeting:

Weird how Hunter Biden’s Totally Normal Business Dealings were always with Russian, Chinese, and Ukrainian oligarchs instead of American businesses. Probably nothing to see here though. — 10/26/2020

He’s gone from being a pedophile to being slightly corrupt — which are very different crimes, if I do say so myself. This is the same thing Republicans did during Obamagate earlier this year: First it was Obama framed Michael Flynn — somehow — then it was Obama spied on the Trump campaign or something else that already had some evidence to it. It’s a form of backpedaling based around the fact that nobody believed your previous claim, so you dilute it to sound more reasonable.

Of course, right-wing theories as to what’s on this laptop have been based in so little truth as to be laughable. On 10/18/2020, Wayne Allyn Root tweeted the following on the then new controversy:

BREAKING NEWS. My sources- as high up as it gets- watched videos on Hunter’s laptops TODAY. Just told me point blank…no rumor…they saw Hunter raping & torturing little Chinese children…Chinese govt has the same videos…Biden is compromised. Blackmailed. Can NEVER be Prez.

The day before the FBI dropped this investigation, Republican Delaware Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke posted a clip of an interview she had with Breitbart with the following caption:

BIG BREAKING NEWS: “Sources close to and with deep knowledge of the investigation, have informed me that Chris Coons’ DAUGHTER in addition to seven other underage girls are also featured on [Hunter Biden’s] laptop.”

The fact that Chris Coons is the incumbent Senator she’s running against, I’m sure, is just a coincidence.

In both cases however, I must ask who are these sources they were using? Because, for one, the sources seemed to have been proven so utterly wrong that they should not be taken seriously again. For two, why are top sources leaking information to Wayne Allyn Root of all people, and not say Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jonah Goldberg, Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro, or anyone on this planet who’s more well known than Wayne Allyn Root? Probably because this is utter bullshit and Wayne Allyn Root doesn’t have any sources in the first place.

Of course, the fact that this is libel against Hunter Biden should be obvious to most people. However, the fact that this narrative is crumbling around them, especially considering just how disgusting of a smear is being presented, is really funny.

This circles us back around to where we started, with Jack Posobiec asking to go on Joe Rogan. If Posobiec has the evidence that Hunter Biden is a pedophile, he can leak it himself if he truly wants to. The reason he has not, even in spite of the fact that millions of people have voted already, is because this evidence simply does not exist.

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