The Hilarious Failure Of Blexit

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Anyone remember Candace Owens? Noted smart person Kayne West said that he “ loves the way Candace Owens thinks,” former Representative Sean Duffy mentioned her on the flour of the House Of Representatives, and President Trump even said she “ is having a big impact on politics in our country. She represents an ever expanding group of very smart ‘thinkers,’ and it is wonderful to watch and hear the dialogue going on…so good for our Country!”

She was the future of the right along with Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA fame, which Owens also got her start working for. Of course, then the groypers started coming out of the woodwork who got angry at these people for not being racist.

Of course, Owens isn’t totally gone. She hosts a podcast for PragerU, the latest episode of which has 323,000 views at time of writing. However, this kind of playing to a base does not qualify her for political activism, despite her best attempts.

Similar to the famously dishonest Dinesh D’Souza, Ownes has tried to make a career out of more or less calling Democrats racist. This is best seen in her still ongoing Blexit movement, a movement where she tries to convince African-Americans to leave the Democratic Party through just calling Democrats racist.

The website for this movement used to contain a large amount of quote mines — I mean “truths” of Democratic Party members being racist. Examples of these “truths” include the fact that Eugene Connor was a Democrat (who was also never elected to anything higher than President Of The Alabama Public Service Commission and was so open in his racist that even many segregationists were disgusted), Hillary Clinton calling “black youths,” “‘super predators’ with ‘no conscience’ or ‘empathy,’” (actually, Clinton was talking about violent criminals because that was what people talked about the most in the nineties), and Harry Truman saying “Negroes ought to be in Africa.” (Wait, isn’t that just a nationalist immigration policy?)

Of course, this website was guilty of many lies by omission. For instance, Candace goes on and on about the beliefs of Alabama Governor George Wallace, but has never once mentioned that a young Senator Biden said if Wallace got the nomination in 1976 we’d vote to re-elect President Ford. Instead, Biden is a racist because of his 1994 crime bill signed into law by President Clinton. Oddly, Candace ignores the fact that similar and even harsher legislation had been proposed or supported by Republicans like Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich, and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. (You know how much these people hate three strike laws? Well Gingrich believed after your third strike you should get a lethal injection.)

Funny might I add that many of her fellow Republicans even today seem to disagree with her on this point. In fact commentators like Ben Shapiro, Josh Hammer, and Daniel Horowitz have written quite favorably of Biden’s crime bill. All of them also hate Owen’s own child in the Trump administration the First Step Act, which progressives also hated because it was quite moderate. Does anyone, anyone at all, like Candace Owens?

Hey, here’s what Candace had to say regarding family separation at the border:

A step-by-step guide to not having the government separate you from your family:

Step 1: Don’t Break The Law

That’s it, there’s no more steps.

Sadly, the same cannot be done by African-American victims of Joe Biden’s and Bill Clinton’s racist crime bill.

I talk about this not just to mock the idiocy of this movement, but also the failure of it.

For instance, you might have noticed that I kept mentioning Vice President Biden above, there’s a reason for that. Exit polling data from Super Tuesday states show that Biden got a +41% approval rating from African-Americans. Odd, I thought he locked all of them up and as such Candace Owens was going to make sure nobody would ever vote for him again.

I think this sums up the main joke regarding Blexit: Democrats are racist and Black people are just too stupid to realize it.

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