The Fall Of ForNoGoodReason And His Awful Group Of Friends

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As I was putting the finishing touches on yesterday’s article, the entire world of Anthony Agular came tumbling down. H8ful, also known as IWuzPancakes, tweeted on 12/1/2020 that “Due to recent events, I will not be associating myself with @FNGR101 any longer.” His girlfriend Rouge also broke up with him, as has his former best friend Brony Inspector (who you can call Drew for all he cares).

It all started with Anthony accusing an innocent man named Stallionslaughter, a father of seven years, of putting his child in danger. This was based on a picture of Stallion’s kid with something Anthony claims was a sex pillow — it wasn’t. The picture was seven months old at the time, and Anthony brought Stallion into a Discord call with Brony Inspector hoping for the normal deal. Stallion, however, refused to take Anthony’s shit and called him out on both his bad timing and nonsensical evidence throughout the call, which resulted in Anthony kicking Stallion from a call about him in the first place, because Anthony cannot take any form of criticism. It got to the point where even his dear best friend could not take Anthony seriously and decided to side with Stallion.

The stream was quickly made private by Anthony (although Ryu baited YouTube into making it downloadable and as such the stream is still online) due to how bad Anthony looked. The main reason Anthony hit Stallion (who, again, Anthony said was endangering his child) was because Stallion expressed dislike for Anthony — of course, bitterness is the same reason Anthony dismissed Ryu’s evidence against Lachlan. However, there is one important difference, Anthony and his friends had to make up the claims of bitterness against Ryu while Anthony openly admits bitterness is what caused him to hit Stallion.

Of course, the fact that late Anthony circle-jerk has now woken up does not make up for their previous actions. Brony Inspector, for example, only took issue with Anthony after this stream because Anthony made some comments offhanded about his alcohol habit, not because Anthony had gone after a clearly innocent person. This is because Brony Inspector has no issue with anything Anthony does unless it results in him looking bad, which is a common pattern among those who hang around Anthony.

The term for this is “troll shielding.” Basically, it means that if you don’t want to be trolled, you hang out with the trolls. The main reason people hang around Anthony these days is because he markets himself as the ultimate troll of the Brony community, and the only way you can in theory stop him from hitting you is to tame the beast.

Over the next month or so, be prepared to hear about various “Anthony exposed” stories coming from his former friends. This is one of the benefits of a group of built around troll shielding, to paraphrase Hbomberguy, at some point they all fall out with each other and tell you why they’re all shit. When those stories come out, ask yourself why these people started taking issue with Anthony just now, and not when these stories actually occurred. This is the same thing that happened after ToonKritic was exposed at the start of 2018, all of his former friends came out with stories they had known for years but were previously willing to slip under the rug because Toon was their buddy — basically, they’re always willing to look the other way when one of their own acts horribly, up until it becomes their issue.

Anthony is one of the loudest is always giving his friends special treatment, although he has sometimes tried to push the idea of them accountable onto others, as he once did to me. Back in July 2018, Anthony gave me a Tumblr post of his (then?) friends AnY and Keyframe defending the idea of a 13-year-old dating a 30-year-old. (The post is now deleted and, in truth, is much more boring than I made it sound.) He made it rather clear that if anyone asks, it was me who found it, and he had nothing to do with it. Nothing terrified him and his (then?) friend AeonOfDreams more than the idea of them being connected with this post being unearthed. Of course, I had dug up the post a number of months earlier and raised a fuss about it — but expecting Anthony to be up to date on the latest drama is, as established, quite an odd thing to wish.

As it stands, I’ve known both (then) current and former friends of FNGR. To quote Christopher Hitchens, they act like cult members when he’s around and ex-cult members the second he’s gone. The major thing they share is this tough guy persona, they all have this way of aggressively pretending nothing can get to them no matter how obviously not the case that is. Once again, they build relationships with other want-to-be tough guys on the mutual understanding that they don’t hit each other where it actually hurts, and all it takes is one person not getting the message (or actually buying into the “nothing bothers me” lie they keep telling themselves and others) for their friend group to end up in shambles. Of course, these forms of relationships are almost always unstable and usually filled with passive aggression which later bubbles into active aggression.

This is also why members of groups like this can easily turn into gossip hounds, it’s common for these people to think they’re doing the work of Bob Woodward when they’re barley above Dr. Gonzo mixed with the mean girl character in every comedy about High School. If one were to listen to how Brony Inspector talks to Anthony in the call, you’d be forgiven for not even picking up on the idea that they are friends. Once again, because this is a group of people founded on the principals of mutual hate, passive aggression, and not talking about their issues. I do not mean to act as an armchair psychologist (although what I’m saying can be picked up so easily that even an armchair could figure it out) but this kind of relationship is so common on the internet that it’s become a trope.

This is far from the first time Anthony has lost friends this way (the earliest to my memory of him doing this happened when he lied about the PFC, although I’m sure you can find examples before that) because this is the kind of person Anthony is. The names change: ShellyD, Corpulent Brony, Rion “Rhino” Mills, Vida — this is all just off the top of my head. Mind you, these people had the excuse of not seeing this happen to others for years, but that’s besides the point.

Truth be told, this keeps happening to Anthony for one reason: This is who Anthony is, has always been, and likely always will be. The only people he still attracts are the people who know what they’re getting into, and are fine with it until Anthony acts like Anthony towards them. These people are the definition of those who can not take what they dish out, again, hence why they try to befriend those who dish it out the most.

I am hoping the harsh wording of this article sticks in the head of its readers. Remember my words when one of these former sycophants informs you how much they actually always hated Anthony, or fill your ear with all the wrong things he did that they had no issue with until just now. Know that these people are not telling you this because of some desire for justice or a moral code, but because they do not want to take the heat that comes with being in the kitchen.

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