The “Evidence” Against Bill Clinton Is Utter Nonsense

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For those wondering my thoughts on the whole “Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s island,” story — in order to have thoughts I’d first have to think about it.

This is a non-story far as I’m concerned, people have been trying to connect Clinton to Epstein since his first arrest in 2005. If you really didn’t know Clinton had some relationship with Epstein, then the only excuse is you fell into a coma on 7/5/2019, the day before Einstein was arrested the second time.

These accusations always involve some friend of a friend. Back in May, The New York Post ran an article saying a man who worked on Epstein’s island claims to have seen Bill Clinton with Epstein. This claim was also put in the recent Netflix documentary Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich.

That same week, The Daily Wire ran an article promoting a book that said Clinton had an affair (that’s news?) with a woman who helped Epstein find people to traffic.

In any non-kangaroo court, this evidence would be laughed out of the room. The most we know for sure is that Bill Clinton spent a portion the late 1990’s and early 2000’s being a casual friend of someone who donated to both his foundation and his party (the party who determined he should be President), that’s it. Everything else is only given through antidotes with very little evidence to back them up.

For the sake of argument, I’ll ignore the fact that I simply do not believe a man who the entire Republican Party has spent the past three decades looking for every reason to hate could keep him committing child rape secret for a month, let alone twenty years. We found out when he got a consensual blowjob in the oval office, yet the rape of innocent children was somehow kept under the radar? Common sense should be enough to rule out that possibility, yet here we are.

This is especially odd because, well, it’s Bill Clinton. This is the same man who has had to battle off rape accusations for the majority of his political life. Yet I’m suppose to not find it odd that, again, it took twenty years for this story to break? If it was any other powerful man then you could make the argument that it would be covered up, or the women in question were afraid, or the man had blackmail, but Clinton has proven many times that he does not have the same standard of evidence as most men.

For that matter, where are these women Bill Clinton raped? Say everything you want about Christine Basily Ford or Tara Reade, at least we knew who they were and they were telling their own stories. Instead, in all of these cases we just have a friend of a friend of a friend promising us that Clinton raped some unspecific kid with Epstein — who are these kids?

No other rape accusation, or accusation in general, is allowed to work like this. I am not allowed to say I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who was raped by — we’ll say Attorney General Barr. Yet, we’re expected to believe that some kid, somewhere, was raped by Bill Clinton. No idea who these kids are, but if we ever find them, they sure will have been raped by Bill Clinton, that’s for certain.

As of right now, we’re just expected to believe — listen and believe, you could say — a story we are not even able to verify.

To put it simply, the only reason anyone has to believe this is dislike of Bill Clinton. If that’s your only reason, that’s fine (actually, it’s not, it’s disgusting to accuse someone of molesting children because you don’t like them) but at least admit that’s why you’re doing so.

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