The Disgusting Nature Of Mask Martyrs

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If you have not seen the story of the family who was kicked off a United Airlines flight because a two-year-old didn’t wear a mask, you have not been following the news cycle all that well (nor have you listened to the two most recent episodes of Peaceful Globalist Review, which you should). Basically, a Colorado family flying from Denver to Newark, New Jersey were kicked off a flight when their two-year-old daughter refused to put on a mask. Dennis Prager wrote a column about it titled “When 2-Year-Olds Are Thrown Off Airplanes, You Know America Has Changed,” and I agree with him on that, because most kids of previous generations would not have had parents that would allow them to act up like that in public.

One of the positive changes regarding modern civilization is the fact that we give children unprecedented amounts of freedom and leniency compared to even a few generation ago, however, it’s easy to forget this is a relatively new invention. If a child of the generation Dennis grew up in were to do the same as this two-year-old, they would be slapped across the face, and if they complained or cried they would be slapped once more. Even as recently as a few decades ago, spanking and even belting were unquestionable parts of a parental toolbox. This is not me saying that this child should have been spanked, belted, or slapped (if anything, I feel that way about the parents), but it’s me saying that he doesn’t quite remember the America he thinks has changed so much.

But lets talk about the parents in this situation, the ones who decided to take their two-year-old from Denver to Newark in the middle of a pandemic in the first place.

First off, and I know this is an unpopular opinion of mine, but I find the idea of taking children that young on flights in the first place to be kind of ridiculous. A child as young as that little girl is just getting a grasp on concepts like object permanence, let alone the idea that the world is so big you need to fly from place to place sometimes. If you had told me when I was twice, even three times her age, that the world was multiple thousands times bigger than the small part of Ohio I had previously explored, I would have refused to believe you. I would have told you that I’ve seen it all, and that the world is no bigger than a thirty-minute drive, because to me it was. The fact is, this kid is unlikely to have been outside their hometown for a long period of time, and now she’s being flown to another state? Has anyone actually looked into the effects this has on child development, because they can’t be good.

For that matter, little children tend to be balls of energy designed in such a way where they’re bouncing off walls nonstop. If you were to shoot me full of the energy I had at three and then tell me to sit in a metal tube for hours on end, you would then have to convince me I have not died and gone to Hell. While obviously children must learn they sometimes need to tone it done, an airplane is not where a child “tones it down” as much as they turn it off entirely for a long period of time. You know, I know adults who hate the pressure flying creates on their ears, you think that might have something to do with why babies are always crying while flying?

But that breach of logic that has become normal is a small aside to the parents, for whom I take many other issues with. To start with, the mask mandate on United Airlines was one they were already very familiar with. According to One Mile At A Time, this family had flown on United four other times during the pandemic, during all of which the mask mandate was no issue. The parents knew it was the policy, and I assume knew it would be an issue, but still did so anyway and got surprised when their were consequences.

One thing that especially bothers me is how the mom responds to her daughter not wearing the mask. The father is trying to (or at least, pretending to try and) keep the mask of his daughter’s face. (Mind you, in the process he fails to keep the mask on his own face, specifically his nose, and seems to have the “99% of people survive coronavirus” line memorized, so its not as if he couldn’t have expected this.) What does the mother do? She breaks her phone out and starts recording long before a flight attendant tells her the family needs to get off. Why was she already recording? I believe, it’s because she knew she was going to get kicked off and wanted to make a show out of it.

For that matter, United Airlines is the only major airline with a strict mask rule for those over two. If these parents were to have taken a Delta flight, they would not have been kicked off. They violated a rule they knew about specifically because they wanted to make a scene, it’s that simple. And the fact that they are using their children as nothing more than a political prop to protest mask mandates should disgust you much more than anything United could have done.

This has been the nature of mask martyrs for a long time. Earlier this year, a story broke of a woman who refused to wear a mask while making sure to pretend to cough on every person possible. During the anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests, it was common for protesters to intentionally block ambulances containing patents with COVID-19. Not only will these people not wear masks, but they wish to make a show out of it, they believe it’s a statement of liberty. And they believe that if you do wear a mask, then you are no different than a traitor to your nation and you must be dealt with.

Don’t get me wrong, you can criticize mask mandates without being the kind of person I’m describing. The effeteness of masks can easily be called into question, especially if the person in question is wearing them incorrectly, and some politicians have been hypocritical. Stories of Nancy Pelosi or Gavin Newsom (who both did not know what he was getting into and apologized for his violations on live television) breaking their state laws are fair game, but these people were not engaging in fair debate, they trying to push back a debate they already lost.

These parents are not heroes, they’re scum, villainous evil scum who intentionally use their kids as political props in order to gain sympathy. They do not have my sympathy, they have nothing but my hatred.

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