The Curious Case Of Bill Weld

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Primary challengers to incumbent Presidents is not a new concept. Despite all of them failing since Horatio Seymour beat Andrew Johnson back in 1868, every four years someone thinks they could be the one. In 2012 it was attorney John Wolfe Jr., in 2004 it was engineer Jack Fellure (“Now, we’re being destroyed by atheists, Marxists, liberals, queers, liars, draft dodgers, flag burners, dope addicts, sex perverts and anti-Christians.”), and so on. None of these people have won a single state primary since Ronald Riemers and Lyndon LaRouche in 1996, not one of them have had a chance since Ronald Reagan in 1976. Yet, they keep coming.

While Fellure has declared he will run again — as he has done every year since 1988 — as well as all around crazy person Augustus Sol Invictus (who said the reason he’s against eugenics is because the state can’t do it right), the only one who could be considered “major,” is Bill Weld.

Having not had a single electoral victory since he won reelection for Massachusetts Governor in 1994 (including a failed Senate run against John Kerry and being Gary Johnson’s running mate in 2016), Weld has said “screw it,” and is running for something he knows he can’t win.

His website is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve read in a while. Here’s how Bill describes himself.

Bill Weld is a former two-term Governor of Massachusetts, elected in 1990 with 50% of the vote and reelected in 1994 with 71% of the vote. He was the first Republican to be elected Governor in Massachusetts in 20 years, and began a run of four Republican Governors in a row.

Good to know he couldn’t start that same streak in the Senate. Also, wouldn’t it have made more sense to run for President in those days? Why didn’t you run in 1996 or 2000?

Weld also leaves out the part where his successor — Paul Cellucci — is only believed to have won the election because Weld resigned so President Clinton could make him the Ambassador to Mexico — which didn’t even happen by the way.

Throughout this whole page, Weld never once states what he would do if elected President. Or that he’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations now that I think about it. Or even that he was Gary Johnson’s running mate back in 2016. And I could go on for what this website doesn’t tell you.

Why am I even talking about him? Well, because the main-stream media has promoted him despite the fact he has no chance, while also ignoring many third party candidates that could have a chance if they were covered. While he’s not well known, the simple fact that a small cult has formed around him has become highly annoying.

Here are some stories written about him:

If elected president, Weld said he would work closely with the NAACP on issues “near and dear” to him, including the expansion of educational funding across school districts and criminal justice reform.

A poll released last month by CNN and the University of New Hampshire found Weld polling at 7 percent in the state GOP primary, while Trump held the support of 86 percent of GOP primary voters.

President Trump’s 2020 GOP primary challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, says he “may be reduced” to debating Alec Baldwin, the actor who plays the president on “Saturday Night Live,” if Trump refuses to engage with him.

All of these come from the usually unbiased (although, slightly conservative) The Hill, easily the hardest fighters for Weld. I think that best shows who is most likely to support Weld, upper-class moderates who are just slightly to the right. At this point, expecting him to win is just nonsense, just as it always is with primary challengers to the President.

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