The Catholic Church Abuse Summit Was A Scam

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The Catholic Church had a summit related to the recent abuse scandals within the organization.

At first, I didn’t know if I was going to write about this; At this point, “the catholic church is the definition of evil,” should be treated with an obvious “no duh.” Then I realized I was being part of the problem. The fact that these actions aren’t enraging me as much as it should should be more of a statement of how evil the church is.

Recently, the Catholic Church had a summit on the sexual abuse scandals that occurred in the church months after there most recent scandal. In November 2018, a priest was arrested for sexual abuse in Washing D.C., the church waited four months to say anything. In August last year, 300 members of the church were caught covering up abuse of over 1,000 children within the church. Just this week, the most senior Catholic church leader was convicted of sexual abuse.

I trust media darling Pope Francis to deal with this about as much as I would trust Jimmy Savile’s manager. The previously most recent Catholic Church sex abuse scandal — starting in 2014 — happened a year after Francis had started his term. That same year, the Church went to the United Nations to argue that child rape is not torture.

In case you forgot, Francis is responsible for shuffling around various Catholic priests to various places once they were caught engaging in child abuse in that area. Yes, I did say responsible. Pope Francis is 82 years old, he was 78 when the most recent scandal started. The earliest scandal most Americans were aware of happened in around 1982, when he was 46 years old. He had to have at least some knowledge of this from the start. But he believes in Climate Change and is pro-gay so I guess it’s all fine.

As for the summit, it was as pathetic as you would expect. The Pope simply gave those attending advice on how to deal with allegations — similar to what the last Pope did — instead of actually dealing with the problem. The moral is the same: Molest as you want, as long as you don’t get caught.

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