The Camp David Peace Talks Made Perfect Sense

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Over the weekend, many got angry at One American News Network host Jack Posobiec tweeting an infamous image while saying Ronald Reagan met with the Taliban:

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Of course, the Taliban did not exist when this picture was taken. However, it seemed all of these people became quite when Posobiec posted these other pictures.

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I also can’t help but notice that many of these interventionists are stick critics of Islam and many are even anti-theists. So all Muslims are evil, but don’t you are get the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in Syria (because they’re different), ISIS, Syrian rebels, and the Mujahideen (which is named after the plural word for “a person who engages in Jihad,” in Arabic) confused.

Give Hitchens this, he at least always stayed consistent in his hatred of Muslims.

I opened the article with this as I think it shows one of the many issues with opposition to Trump’s Camp David meeting. For those who don’t know, Donald Trump tried to met with the Taliban at Camp David just a few days short of 9/11.

The idea you can never ever negotiate with enemies or terrorists is in of itself quite childish. Especially when you consider the United States has funded and trained people who later became terrorists or have worked with various terrorist groups. What I’m getting at is it’s not a coincidence we first heard this phrase use after the Soviet Union was defeated.

As of right now, there are two extremes regarding foreign intervention. Non-interventionism is seen as nonsense yet the idea we always turn enemies into glass is considered to be a normal idea some people just have and that we must learn to agree with if we want to remain in touch with working class Americans.

The United States has negotiated with enemy nations before. I find it hilarious these same people seem to wish Iran got more control in the middle east — which would have happened if the United States did not sell weapons to Saddam Hussein. I also should note these are the same people who think only the United States should fight terrorists, hence why they’re angry at Russia fighting ISIS in Syria, claims of being against Russian imperialism fall apart when you realize that Russia is an ally of Syria.

However, what many do not seem to realize is the symbolic importance of both the date and location of the meeting. Yes, Trump more than likely didn’t realize he was setting it up just a few days before 9/11 — however, had I been president, I would have chose 9/11, and put it in Camp David.

Everyone knows Arabs and Jews have had a long history of hatred. This is primarily the reason why having the agreement happen at Camp David is so important. For those who do not know, the Camp David agreement done by President Carter (which won him a Nobel Peace Prize) is quite possibly — and according to many certainly — the reason why Israel exists to this day.

When Christopher Hitchens visited Taliban controlled areas shortly after 9/11 one thing he noticed was that much of the population — including those who would praised Bin Laden for the 9/11 attack — blamed the Jews and Israel for 9/11. Polls done in Muslim countries found that many of the highly educated population agreed that Israel did 9/11 in order to frame the Muslim population and give Bush a reason to fight the Taliban.

This is why having the agreement both at Camp David and on 9/11 was a genus move. It would show the Taliban government that they are coming into the 21st century rather they like it or not, as well as clearly show the United States would not take the eye off of the Taliban, instead simply allowing them to remain in there own borders.

I also firmly believe this could cause Afghanistan to become an ally of Israel, even if at gunpoint. Having a group that started off blaming Israel for the worlds ills becoming allies with them would be a great step for peace in the middle east, which even non-Zionists would support. However, many top Zionist commentators are to blinded by hatred in order to properly support this amazing step.

The Camp David meetings could have been a great step forward for America and Israel, sadly, the United States will not do such a thing.

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