The 5 Funniest Smears Against Sanders of The Past Month

Claims of media bias have been going on since media started. Of course, the right has overblown this idea for years, however, dissing the idea of media bias because Fox News says it is just fallacious.

The media is bias against Bernie, that is clear. They understand they can’t ignore him anymore, after all ignoring him has caused him to be the most popular politician in the United States. Calling him a communist has caused people to start liking communism, and so on. Sander’s can not be smeared, it’s physically impossible.

And that’s not mentioning the quote mining on bread lines, him being “rude” to a woman he was running against, he takes part in society, curious, and a bunch of other long-debunked nonsense.

But the media does not understand that, so they instead have found new smears against him. Here are five of the latest that are both to obviously wrong for me to debunk with a full column, yet to funny for me not to mention.

1.He’s a white, straight, cis-man

The good old “White people LMAO,” hypothesis. During an interview on The Daily Show, hosted by Trevor “Fuck White People, am I right?” Noah, he asked the sitting Senator “Does American really need another old White guy?” Apparently, all white people think the exact same. How that is not racist, I don’t know.

Of course, Sanders is the man who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and supported gay marriage and trans right as a first term mayor in the 1980s, 20 years before we chose you couldn’t enforce sodomy laws. The only crime Sanders has ever been convicted of was protesting school segregation during the Civil Right’s era.

Of course, they are also lying by omission through only talking about that part. The Chicken Noddle Network host Chris Cillizza chose to not mention the fact he’s ethnically Jewish while talking about the minority status on various 2020 presidential candidates. Because when have Jews ever been oppressed?

2. He hasn’t released his tax returns

This is just the second birther conspiracy. Tax returns are a private matter, and Senator Sanders has the same right to privacy as any other citizen. In fact, I demand anyone who is angry about Sanders not releasing his tax returns release there tax returns through Twitter.

While Donald did receive much criticism for not releasing his tax returns, I have noticed a few differences.

  1. Trump has been caught committing tax avoidance several times now, after all by his own admission the IRS has to audit him yearly. We have seen no evidence Senator Sanders has done such a thing. If such a day comes, I will be demanding his tax returns like everyone else.
  2. Trump lied about why he would not. For those who forgot, he claimed he was under an audit which made it illegal for him to release a tax return, this is a lie. As many pointed out, Nixon managed to release his tax returns under an audit in 1968.

3.He’s hosting a townhall on Fox News

Sanders is known to be a man of ideas. As such, it makes he sense he would try to spread these ideas in the belly of the beast, the Fox News network.

Even though Fox News is the highest rated main-stream media news network in the United States, Bernie is not allowed to go on there. Of course, there have been many Republicans who said they joined the Left for Bernie, but that doesn’t matter in the mind of the media.

Oh, and tons of Democratic politicians have gone on Fox. Barack Obama, during his presidential campaign in 2008, went on the then popular Fox show The O'Reilly Factor. In 2017, Nancy Pelosi herself went on Fox News Sunday, where was the outrage then?

Hosting a townhall on Fox is simply an opportunity. An opportunity to burst the right-wing bubble many Fox viewers have put themselves in that no one will penetrate.

4.He wants to turn America into Venezuela

This one was echoed by the president recently. Again, this is just idiotic.

Sanders is not a socialist. Even the prime minister of Denmark had to say both he and Bernie were not socialist because he was tired of people bringing up his country as an example of socialism. Yet, people can both know this information and call Bernie a socialist because self awareness is for people who don’t work for Main-Stream Media outlets.

5.He’s against open borders

This week, Bernie had dared to suggest we could not allow everyone in the world to immigrate to the United States without some government check.

People such as Max Boot, who pushed for US intervention in the Middle East, were outraged. You see, America is so great we need to spread our values everyone but also so bad we need to import the entire 3rd world to make us better.

Of course, Bernie has expressed support for immigration in his book Our Revolution, but they don’t know that. They also don’t know 80% of people don’t want open borders while 75% of people think immigration is a net positive. Yet, the media is telling us borders are a switch that we can only turn on and off.

I expect more smears, and many more columns to be written about them like me.