Thanks To Vida, I’m Returning To Brony Drama

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Some fanart of me from back in the day, made by RioFluttershy

Recently, a friend who I had not talked to in a long time from the Brony community got into contact with me once again. During this conversation, they informed me that my old “friend” Vida, a brony YouTuber who I helped expose pedophiles with, was himself a pedophile.

It turns out that, over the course of five years, Vida had been acting in a pedophilic manner towards a girl named Jazz, who was underage for most of their friendship.

A Google Docs has been made documenting this relationship. And let me tell you, you know it’s good when this message is the first thing present in the first picture of you talking to a minor:

You have an extremely cute face. If your breast size was a fault, a flirtatious look at a guy would more than make up for it.

Okay, fair is fair, there are a number of situations where I could see that being more a well meaning line cross than something predatory. It’s still weird, but it’s not quite ToonKritic telling a 15-year-old girl that “sex is a good stress reliever.”

However, here are some things Vida did that clearly did cross a line:

Cyberafter (Jazz): Oh, god. Now I can’t draw. Porn is in my head now.

Vida: Draw Porn.

Vida: We totally need to spend more time doing things together.

Cyberafter: Like what? Do you have anything in mind?

Vida: Movies. Games. Chilling. Lewd.

Vida: Can you please send Daddy a picture of you? Naked and lying in bed, looking asleep, as if looking through the eyes of me as I lay next you you. I really want to experience that.

I should make it clear, one of the reasons I’m going so hard on Vida about this is because he pinned himself as the top pedophile hunter. He was the man who, rightfully, tried to get those who covered up ToonKritic’s actions banned from Bronycon. He even accused ForNoGoodReason of being a pedophile over much less than this.

Reading what Vida had to say for himself in this situation broke my heart. From his Twitter:

Another up side to all this? Jazz isn’t able to blackmail me anymore like she used to. Nice to not have her weaponize all of this against me. — 5/2/2020

Yes Vida, it’s her fault you sent her your dick.

Also, random funfact. I still have Jazz’s nudes from when she was older than 18. Just throwing that out there to rub salt in the wound for you guys. — 5/2/2020

That’s not even close to the issue at hand.

But, really… What if the child consents, though? — 5/2/2020

No comment.

I figured I should explain myself, for those who don’t know or remember. Back on YouTube, I was in the brony fandom. Not just was I in the brony fandom, I was a drama lord in the brony fandom.

In June 2017, after I had been making these videos for about six months, I was contacted by Vida who told me he wanted to help inform me about the ongoings in the brony fandom. Vida was someone who I looked up to, both in regards to him encouraging me to call others out on their bullshit and in taking my investigative journalism more seriously. He even told what I already knew about ToonKritic, that he was a predator. Oh, and I still knew that before the vast majority of the fandom.

Vida also got me in contact with ShellyD, and various other people in the brony fandom that I would later either become friends with.

That said, the drama sections of the brony community and myself were never allowed to speak in public. At best, I was the guy who covered the stories they didn’t want to (sometimes I was handed stories specifically because of that perception), however, none of them ever talked to me, or mentioned me, publicly in anything that was a dismissive example of mockery.

I actually checked Vida’s Twitter for any mention of me, and of course there’s nothing. Vida basically only ever got in contact with me in the first place because he was mad at ForNoGoodReason, I know today you’re more than likely thinking “what else is new” but back then those two had been friends for years, constantly made cameos in each others work, and were basically considered extensions of one another.

Why did I stop? In all honestly, I just lost interest. There are only so many pedophiles you can bust, so many idiots you can mock, and so many overly long and highly pretentious “reviews” you can riff on.

I had two planned successors. Those being Ryu and Vida. Ryu later decided he wanted to do political commentary over brony drama, as did I. He even later made the cover of my book Ramblings Of A Mad Man: Life As An Anarchist.

However, I told myself that as long as Vida was still doing what he was doing I wouldn’t need to return. Now, not only is Vida the exact thing he pretended to hate the most, but it turns out that Vida only talked about people like ToonKritic out of a sense of revenge, not because he cares.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Vida has inspired me again. Although the first time he inspired by telling the truth, calling other people, and doing what’s right regardless of who it bothers. This time, he has inspired me to come back and finish what I started, as it seems like nobody, including my former idols, is immune from being trash they’re fighting.

To end with, I wish to quote my favorite piece of fanwork as well as one of my favorite songs of all time, The Moon Rises:

And all will know the wonder
Of my dark and jeweled sky
When all the world is wrapped
In an eternal lullaby
So say goodnight at this
The final setting of the sun
Tomorrow dawns in darkness
The nighttime has begun!

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Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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