Terrorism Against Comedians Is Wrong

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So you’ve more than likely heard about Netflix’s Gay Jesus, after all, it has caused quite the controversy online.

Let’s get a few things out of the way. First off, it’s not in any way funny, and considering they depict Mary as a stoner and mistress, it also might be just as homophobic as it is anti-Christian.

Second off, obviously they would never do this to someone like Muhammad. Mostly because Muhammad actually had a wife while Jesus did not, a wife who was around nine-years-old, but a wife nonetheless.

However, I should point out that, to my understanding, the creators of this program never mocked Muhammad even while mocking tons of other religious figures.

Here’s what The Daily Wire said on the topic:

At other points in the special, Mary smokes marijuana, Melchior, the oldest member of the Magi, hires a sex worker, and Jesus gets high off “special tea.” Hallucinating himself — he meets with Buddha, Krishna, the Rastafari god Jah and an alien deity for Scientologists, the Post writes.

Remember kids, if someone is gay it’s because their parents smoke the evil marijuana. Yeah, I have a number of issues with these people the unfunny “progressive,” comedy they produce.

I started this article by taking about how I don’t think these guys are really funny for a reason, because even if these people are bad comedians, they don’t deserve to be attacked.

Yet, yesterday it was reported the headquarters of this group in Brazil was hit with a Molotov Cocktail. Which is odd, because I could have sworn that no Christians anywhere were terrorists and they’re all just the victims of western civilization/non-western civilization/anything if I’m being honest.

Of course, there are many Christians that are the victims of terrorist attacks. On Christmas Day, many Christians were decapitated by ISIS and Boko Haram. However, what did this one guy in Brazil have to do with that? Does he support radical Islamic terrorism?

The apologetics for this action are basically the same arguments the left gets laughed out of the room for making in regards to Islam. One common argument even made by a few of my fellow libertarians is that this is a response to Christian oppression in the Middle East and mockery in the United States.

However, why are they then attacking people in Brazil? Brazil is a largely Catholic country that elected a heavily right-wing Christian argument. Are these the guys that Christians are up against?

Regardless, terrorism, no matter who is doing it, is wrong. As for the Christians that are worried about oppression, go up against the people in the Middle East actually killing you guys. Seriously, even as an atheist I encourage people to take up arms against Middle Eastern extremist groups, if only because they want me dead as well.

However, don’t take it out on some unfunny comedian in Brazil.

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