Some Thoughts On The First NBC Debate

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Last night, ten Democrats tried to convince us why they should be the next president. Among them were:

  • New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio
  • Rep. Tim Ryan
  • Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro
  • Senator Cory Booker
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • Former Rep. (and loser) Beto (Francis) O’Rourke
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee
  • Former Rep. John Delaney

Three of these candidates (loser, Booker, and Castro) answered questions in Spanish. Loser even took a question in Spanish, showing NBC is filled with good sports. Because it worked out so well for Joe Kennedy. And yes, I am calling Beto a loser because that’s what he is. He bet everything on a Senate seat to the point where he took a nomination away from a Justice Democrat and then lost. I’m still very annoyed he’s even allowed in the primary after that stunt.

Castro also enraged Twitter when he said “trans females” should also have access to abortion. Although, everyone knew what he meant. While I could rage at the fact people talked about this over his policy, but that’s the closest thing to a policy position he gave.

Also, got to love how they spent thirty minutes talking about Mitch McConnell. At least half of the candidates talked about “taking the filibuster away from him,” without explaining how. Castro went one step farther and said he’ll be president and we’ll have a Democrat house and Senate. Which I’ll believe when I see.

And who could forget De Blasio saying the biggest threat is Russia. I’ll just remind him the cold war is over and the only country Russia has gone after (Ukraine) is filled with NAZIs.

Tim Ryan is the loser though. His hilariously wrong claim that the Taliban did 9/11 which Gabbard debunked. Although Ryan’s campaign responded by saying “Assad is bad.” Personally, I think he should keep defending it. No seriously, the war is really unpopular and the more he defends it the more unpopular he becomes. There’s a reason he stayed at 0% while Gabbard is currently surging.

Gabbard is the only candidate who is mildly sane right now. While I do find some of them okay candidates, she’s the only one I really feel should be president.

But hey, there’s still a lot of time left.

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