Some Thoughts On The First CNN Debate

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After watching the DNC debate last night, I just felt in pain. Mind you, the pain was not in any area the debate could have caused. I only mention it in fact because that pain was more pleasant than watching last night’s Democratic debate.

Here are the candidates:

  • Montana Governor Steve Bullock

The first thing I’ll note is I thing the Taliban has gotten to Tim Ryan. He didn’t once bring up there evil and how that means we should stay in Afghanistan. Instead, Governor John Hickenlooper revealed himself as the pro-war candidate.

About half the candidates had what I call a pragasim, which is when you only focus on being pragmatic instead of if the idea is actually good. Mind you, I tend to agree with Klobuchar and Hickenlooper the ideas they went after were bad, however, not because they weren’t “pragmatic.”

Most of the questions felt like they were more asking the candidates to run for chief strategist and not president. Every candidate was asked how there ideas would win the presidency, not if the ideas were good. Call me old fashion, but I always assumed the idea of elections was that the American people would pick the best ideas.

Of all the candidates, the ones that annoyed me the most were Tim Ryan, Marianne Williamson, and Steve Bullock, not to be confused with his more sane brother Avery.

I do not believe Tim Ryan is a human being. He strikes me as a lizard pretending to be a human, and not doing a very good job. We can argue about how Mark Zuckerburg looks weird, but if you don’t see it with Tim Ryan than you are honestly blind. Luckily, I imagine he will drop out fairly soon so I do not see a point to doing anything other than making fun of him until then.

Marianne Williamson is everything I hate in modern politics. She doesn’t actually say anything, she just says complete gibberish. The phrase “you’re not even wrong,” comes to mind when I think of her, because she doesn’t even say things that could be considered wrong, that would require her to say something.

One example that comes to mind is when she talks about how the United States has a “sickcare” system and not a “healthcare” system. Okay, what makes those two things different? How can the US have a healthcare system and not a “sickcare” system? Did we always have a “sickcare” system? If not, then when did we go from a healthcare system to a “sickcare” system? These are simple questions I am not getting an answer for from Williamson. And this is just one example, and she has many of them. Just listen to her for a couple of minutes and you’ll imminently figure out what I’m talking about.

Bullock annoyed the most though, taking that honor from Tim Ryan. Remember that pragasim concept I mentioned earlier? What Bullock shows it, runs with it, and oozes it in every answer he gives.

One of his favorite things to talk about was how he came from a swing state and had to work with Republicans as governor. However, this is the Democratic primary. We don’t care you’re best friends with Republicans and that’s how you got to win, we care about what your ideas are.

This is made even worse by the fact Bullock doesn’t even know what his state wants. Yes, Montana voted for Donald Trump in the general election. However, in the primary the Democratic party went for Bernie Sanders. The man Bullock said could never win won.

I end with this, at the start of the debate John Delaney said Michael Dukakis lost because he was to left-wing. This is nonsense because the primary issue that caused Dukakis to lose was the Willie Horton scandal. Delaney could really stand to read Why Americans Hate Politics.

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