Sirhan Sirhan Was An Israeli

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According to Zionists, Palestinian does not exist. Hence why in 2017, a Zionist named Assaf Voll wrote a book called A History Of The Palestinian People, which was 100% blank. After all, the easiest way to justify the actions of Israel is to simply say that it’s there country so they can do whatever they want (bonus points if we should invade Syria).

This is why I was appalled when Zionist Randy Barnett shared an article titled “Covering Up Robert Kennedy’s Palestinian Murderer.” The article — written by Anti-Semite and vice President of Zionists of America Stephen Flawtow — goes over how Sirhan Sirhan was from a country he couldn’t have been from, because it does not exist. (Also, he wrote the article over a year ago so I have no idea why Barnett shared it yesterday).

“[T]here’s nothing that makes the Palestinian cause look as bad as the fact that a Palestinian Arab murdered one of the most popular political figures in modern American history,” the anti-Semitic article states. “ And that means that U.S. involvement in Vietnam would have ended much sooner. Nixon would never have been president and Spiro Agnew would never have been vice president. There would have been no Watergate. Race relations likely would have followed a very different trajectory. All of that went up in the smoke of a Palestinian’s gun,” the author continues in his NAZI style rant.

Obviously, the above was purely sarcastic. Although if Jews, some of which have lived in Israel, can be Anti-Semitic (Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Eli Valley, and so on), then so can American Zionists. In fact, a number of Zionist Evangelical Christians have said they only believe Israel should get the land because it would start the rapture — an act which would kill 6.5 million Jews, as many as died in Holocaust.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, Pat Robertson wrote just this in The New Millennium back in 1990. Both Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro have been on his show The 700 Club.

Zionists constantly want to have it both ways. In 2014, Ben Shapiro infamously made a video for Truth Revolt — his want to be Media Matters for the right, it didn’t work out all that well — in which he stated 3.83 million radical Muslims live in Palestine. This makes no sense, as not one single radical Muslim could live in Palestine. After all, Palestine does not exist.

What Shapiro really meant is 3.83 million radical Muslims live in Israel. That would mean four million terrorists live in Israel. This would mean around 30% of the population of Israel are radical Muslim terrorists or support terrorist acts.

Israel themselves do this all the time. According to them, Gaza is a sovereign nation and as such the IDF shooting protests was because they were invading. Obviously, this is untrue as no western country considers Gaza to be a separate nation from Israel. However, Israel has also done a large blockade around Gaza, which is an act of war.

However, if Gaza is not an independent nation, than Israel basically turned Gaza into a concentration camp. As such, them doing this is no different than the United States blockading North Carolina or Florida for this or that reason.

The only justification I tend to get is that Israel has no legal duty to stop — which, by the way, is not the same as it being a good idea — because of the six day war. This idea is about as logical as reparations for Jim Crow laws, considering the war happened over the course of six days in July of 1967. The vast majority of people alive today in Israel had nothing to do with the six day war, just as the vast majority of those who live in the United States had nothing to do with Jim Crow laws. The only difference is that Jim Crow laws lasted for much longer.

Personally, I have no dog in the fight as Israel vs. Palestine. I am neither a Jew or a Muslim, I’m an atheist and I disagree with the idea the United States should be picking a winner in the complex territory dispute that I don’t fully understand, you don’t fully understand, and Alan Dershowitz doesn’t fully understand.

That’s not an insult, it is unrealistic to expect most people to fully understand this territorial dispute that has been going on since at best 1948. Although, many on both sides are quick to point out the conflict between Arabs and Jews go back since Islam started in the 6th century.

I have gone against the idea that Israel controls United States foreign policy — as imperialism has been the name of the game since the Monroe Doctrine back in the early 19th century. Instead, I see it as a beautiful relationship where, while the United States would engage in the same foreign policy anyway, Israel has a great say in who they go up against.

All I look for is consistency, if you do consider Palestine real, you should not speak of Palestinian crimes for the same reason I expect you to not speak on the crimes of Narnia.

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