Shut Up Dylan, You Know Nothing About Vaccines (Plus A Follow Up To My First Pro-Vaccine Article)

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After I published my first pro-vaccination article, a fellow named @JVoluntaryist replied to my Twitter link to it with this simple argument:

fuckin grooooooosss… shame on you, for reals.

He also blocked me before I could see it, let alone respond to it. Wonder what about the article angered him so much? Maybe checking his Twitter (after I log out of course, because he blocked me) could help me answer that question:

Ph.D.’s may tell you they understand the human body far better than ever in history, which is meant to comfort you when you ask questions like: “Why did my infant stop breathing two days after their last vaccine shot? Why is my baby dead if vaccines are so great for everyone?” — @JVoluntaryist, 1/23/2020

This tweet, I assume, is based off of a famous case where, in 2002, two infant twins in Turkey died within twenty-four hours of each other two days after being vaccinated. The infants in question were later found to have died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Is there a link between vaccines and SIDS? Not according to studies published in 2001, 2005, 2007, and 2015. All of which used different sets of data, by the way. Although none of them, to my knowledge, involved doing blood tests on children without parental consent and that seems to be as important as peer review to these people.

Another fellow responded to me through Medium directly. His name was Justin Lightheart, I say was because he deleted his account about an hour after posting a response to my first pro-vaccine article. I was only able to read the message because Medium also sent it to me through gmail.

Here’s what he said:

when you claim to be an anarcho-capitalist, but all your information comes from a government website owned/operated by a panel of executives from the vaccine manufacturing companies that benefit directly from a supreme-court ruling that vaccines are inherently unsafe.

Wait, so I can’t trust the government to tell me what formaldehyde is, but I can trust them when a court they run says vaccines are unsafe? (By the way, and you don’t need to know the specifics on this, but that never happened. Actually, that’s the most specifics I can give you.)

As for that government I cited, here are all the non-governmental organizations and websites I cited in that article:

  • The American Cancer Society
  • The American Chemistry Council
  • The Bioethics Research Library
  • The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia
  • The Genetic Literacy Project

Here are a list of all the government agencies I cited:

  • The FDA (When I point out Formaldehyde is produced naturally in the human body.)
  • The CDC (For statistics on the death rate of HPV.)

Clearly, I’m just believing whatever the government tells me.

To this day, nobody has managed to point out an actual issue with that article. It was well researched, covered everything, and even gave the anti-vaccine movement slightly more credit than most articles of that nature would. For instance, I didn’t call the claim that cell from aborted babies appear in vaccines a downright lie, like most would, instead, I just called it highly misleading, which it is.

However, what part of that first article still haunts. After debunking Dylan’s (also known as “Educating Liberals” on Twitter) list of “toxic shit” in vaccines, I offered him this challenge:

I offer this challenge to Dylan, list me every single chemical compound, weird substance, or anything in between you think is making vaccinations dangerous. Seriously, I want to know. And if it turns out you’re right, I’ll gladly admit defeat and join the anti-vaccination movement.

Rather Dylan has read my article, I remain unsure — and don’t find the odds all that likely in all honestly. Either way, he has been snipping at all of pro-vaxxers on Twitter for the past couple of days. Lets break down his points one by one. Considering he has published six hundred words of anti-vaccine nonsense on his Twitter, this might take a minute:

DYLAN:A new Pentagon study shows that people who had a flu shot are 36% more likely to get COVID-19. Gee. Who would’ve thought injecting yourself with poison could make you more prone to sickness? You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

His source for this is a website called, or The 21st Century. Here is what the article, titled Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk Of Coronavirus By 36%, says on the topic:

In searching the literature, the only study we have been able to find assessing flu shots and coronavirus is a 2020 US Pentagon study that found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%.

They then link to a study titled Influenza Vaccination And Respiratory Virus Interference Among Department Of Defense Personnel During The 2017–2018 Influenza Season published by The phrase “coronavirus” does appear in the conclusion, which states (bold mine):

Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus; however, significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses, but also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections.

Rather it’s Dylan or his source lying here, I don’t know. But something is up. Either way, I’ll be nice to Dylan and say he just bought into some misinformation.

DYLAN:Dear vaxxers, Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup. Roundup causes cancer. Glyphosate is in vaccines. Are you doing the math yet?

I debunked this nonsense last time, but here we go again. According to the Genetic Literacy Project, which, for Justin Lightheart, is not a government organization:

MAAM [Moms Across America, an organization that is skeptical of vaccines] claims on its website that it contracted with a St. Louis laboratory, which found very low amounts of glyphosate (in the parts per billion range; that equates to about one second in the life of someone 32 years old) in samples of several vaccines — including influenza, DTAP, and MMR. Glyphosate is a favorite target of anti-GMO groups because some genetically modified crops have been engineered to resist the herbicide. Consensus science, including most recently the Environmental Protection Agency, has found is perfectly safe as used.

However, I should build on my point from last time. The idea that Glyphosate causes cancer comes from a World Health Organization report, specifically the International Agency for Research on Cancer, is “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

Long story short, the study was total bullshit. Here’s Myles Power, a chemist, debunking this nonsense with his friend James:

Give a watch if you want to know everything wrong with this bullshit idea, one currently being used to allow down right slander against both RoundUp and now Vaccinations.

But even if this was the case, the only “evidence” of RoundUp causing cancer is after a long period of exposure. How long? Many of the farmers who sued Monsanto had been using RoundUp for decades on end.

Again, somebody here is lying.

DYLAN:Dear vaxxers, Japan has the lowest infant death rate & no baby is vaccinated under 2 years old. Meanwhile, the US has the HIGHEST infant death rate & gives over 28 doses of vaccines by the age of 2. Are you doing the math yet?

First off, according to the World Fact Book, Monaco actually has a lower infant mortality rate than Japan. I know, but still.

Second off, more evidence exists that this is because of Japan’s more collective attitude towards the health of infants. As put it:

When expecting mothers undergo diagnosis during pregnancy, they are given a Mother-Child Health Handbook. The handbook concisely lists important information, such as points of caution during pregnancy, necessary examinations before and after delivery, and types of vaccinations infants need and the timing for them, as well as records of the medical treatment received. This system facilitates the early detection of problems related to the mother or child’s health or to infant development, and on that basis, physicians are able to make prompt and accurate diagnoses when a mother or child undergoes a medical examination.

As for the claim that no child is vaccinated under 24 months, this is just wrong. In Japan, no law states that a child has to be vaccinated at that age, however, it is considered a civic duty in a highly honor based culture.

In fact, Japan’s Ministry of Health recommends the Measles and Rubella vaccine to “Those aged 12 months or older but younger than 24 months.”

DYLAN: Dear Vaxxers, The physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in the 1990’s said Gates refused to vaccinate his children when they were young. But don’t worry, he’s going to use them to generously save your lives.

This claim got rated “Pants On Fire” by Politifacts, just so you know. The website which made this claim was called, which has been checked by Politifacts fifteen times and has failed to get a rating of “true” “mostly true” or “half true” once! In nine of those cases, including this one, they got a rating of “pants on fire.”

The article can only be found through, and it does not tell you, among other things, the name of Bill Gates’ private doctor who told them this information!

That politifacts article, by the way, is almost two fucking years old! Could Dylan really not do five seconds of research for his bullshit claims?

DYLAN:Dear Vaxxers, 4 people give a restaurant a bad review on Google & you start looking for another place to eat. But when tens of thousands of people keep saying they’ve been injured by vaccines, you keep taking your kids back for more? Wake up. You’re better than that.

According to the CDC, 3.1 billion different doses of covered vaccines were given in the United States. Even if one million of them in some way injured a child, that would still mean the odds of getting hurt by a vaccine are 0.03%.

But you said tens of thousands. So lets assume ten tens of one thousand — or a hundred thousand. That puts the odds of being hurt by a vaccine in some way at 0.003%. Or about three in one-hundred-thousand.

DYLAN:Dear Vaxxers, You gotta love it when science can tell us exactly how a mummy died 10,000 years ago, but when thousands of babies continue to die in their sleep 48 hours after a vaccination, it’s a “sudden unexplainable death?” Give me a damn break.

This claim is to unspecific to mean anything. If it’s a reference to the twins in Turkey from 2002 mentioned above, just go back and reread the debunking of that.

DYLAN:Dear Vaxxers, The flu shot didn’t eradicate the flu. IN FACT, it does little to nothing to prevent the flu each year. So why is the Fake News Media telling people that this virus (which mutates as fast as the flu) won’t go away until we have a vaccine for it?

Healthline already has an article on this, I’m starting to think Dylan is seriously asking these questions because he doesn’t know how to use Google:

The virus mutations, like what’s going around in Italy and also New York, don’t seem to be any more infectious or fatal than the original strain that appeared in Wuhan, China, in late December.

Though there’s the very rare chance a virus could mutate to be more aggressive, if anything, RNA viruses are more likely to mutate into a weaker version.

Basically, any strain of the coronavirus that is mutated from COVID-19 is unlikely to be changed in a way that makes it more resistant to a vaccination. If anything, it’s likely to barley change or even become weaker.

DYLAN:In 1983, there were 10 shots on the vaccination schedule & the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. In 2018, there were 48 shots on the vaccination schedule & the autism rate was 1 in 54. Aldo, 54% of US children now suffer from a chronic health issue &/or disease. Wake up & fight!

Well, let’s look at what else changed besides vaccinations and autism rates.

In 1983, a psychologist would be using the DSM-III to diagnose a patient, which was released in 1980. Here is what you needed to be classified as autistic according to that book:

A. Onset before 30 months of age

B. Pervasive lack of responsiveness to other people (autism)

C. Gross deficits in language development

D. If speech is present, peculiar speech patterns such as immediate and delayed echolalia, metaphorical language, pronominal reversal.

E. Bizarre responses to various aspects of the environment, e.g., resistance to change, peculiar interest in or attachments to animate or inanimate objects.

F. Absence of delusions, hallucinations, loosening of associations, and incoherence as in Schizophrenia.

The DSM-V however, which would have been used in 2018, is quite different. For instance, they do not believe that there’s only one form of autism, instead they believe that there are a number of different forms of autism that exist in a variety of people.

I know, when the definition is more expansive more people are included, consider me shocked.

DYLAN:The CDC in 1958: “Cigarette smoking does not cause cancer.” The CDC in 2012: “Vaccines do not cause autism.” One day we will look back & kick ourselves for being so gullible.

So that never actually happened. In fact, the CDC, when they reviewed the history of efforts to reduce smoking, found:

Surgeon General Leroy E. Burney issued a statement in 1957 that “the weight of the evidence is increasingly pointing in one direction: that excessive smoking is one of the causative factors in lung cancer.”

So the year before Dylan said the CDC argued smoking does not cause cancer, the Surgeon General said smoking caused cancer — what kind of sense does that make?

DYLAN:How can people who claim to be “pro-life” inject their own babies with vaccines that contain aborted fetal cells?

This claim, as I showed last time, is actually not false. It’s horribly misleading though, for whatever that’s worth.

Basically, the tissue being used in vaccines are from abortions that happened over fifty years ago. How many abortions were used in this process, by the way? Two, that’s it.

As put it:

These cells originally came from tissue obtained from two fetuses that were legally and electively aborted in the early 1960s. The same cells have continued to grow in a laboratory and are still used to make vaccines today. No additional fetal cells have been harvested since then, but the topic is controversial because of the original source.

Hey, at least he wasn’t entirely lying.

DYLAN:Gay? “It’s your choice!” Trans? “It’s your choice!” Abortion? “It’s your choice!” Injecting toxins into your tiny babies’ bodies? “NOT your choice!” Over my dead body. These people are insane.

First off, the vast majority of people do not believe being gay is a choice. Who the fuck are you quoting?

Second off, these things are in no way comparable. The worst effects of being gay, trans, or having an abortion are not contagious, (I mean, unless you believe in Rampant Onset Gender Dysphoria, which I don’t) the worst effects of not being vaccinated are. So this comparison is utter nonsense.

DYLAN:The Dems, celebs, & media jackals are always crying #MeToo & shouting to “believe all women!” But when a mother says her child was injured or killed by vaccines, these same sick demons mock her & tell us not to believe her. Who do you trust more?

Do you believe all women, Dylan?

Dear liberals, It is now known that none of Christine Ford’s family believed her accusations against Kavanaugh. Neither did her life-long best friend who she named as a witness. So why don’t you believe THEM? — Dylan, 9/18/2019

I guess not.

Dear libs, Have you already forgotten about your #metoo movement or “believe all women” motto? Or does that only apply when it fits your political agenda? Inquiring minds would like to know. — Dylan, 4/3/2019

Yep, believing people for a political agenda is disgusting. You said it brother — wait, you said that?

To seriously respond to his question, who is mocking parents that lose children because of vaccinations? At most, we’re pointing out they’re a small minority not worth rethinking our entire approach to medicine over. No medicine is effective all the time, after all people are built differently, however that doesn’t debunk of a century of hard work just because less than one percent of people are not meant to have this or that medicine. If that were the case, no medicine could exist, as none of it works on everyone.

Yes, if anything is given out over three billion times, someone is going to have a negative reaction to it. Should we also stop drinking milk because 2.5% of people are allergic? Should we stop eating peanuts because 0.6% of people are allergic? Because statistically that means it’s dangerous to more people than vaccines are.

DYLAN:Dear Vaxxers, If you believe an unvaccinated child is a threat to a vaccinated child, then you don’t really believe in vaccines do you?

The 23.5 million Americans with an autoimmune disease would like to have a word with you.

DYLAN:Dear Vaxxers, Don’t like “anti-vaxxers?” Then just ignore them like you ignore the vaccine inserts.

I have no idea what this even means.

DYLAN:Fact. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in statistics. But this changed when it started to climb in the 1950’s along with the spread of mass vaccination. Are you doing the math yet?

First off, I’m slightly confused how SIDS could have started rising in the 1950’s considering the term was first proposed in 1969.

Since then, the rate of SIDS has dropped quite a bit despite more and more vaccinations taking place. Why is that? Well, according to NCBI:

There has been a dramatic decrease in the incidence of SIDS since the introduction of safe sleep campaigns, with a 30–83% reduction in the SIDS rate . While, historically, rates have been recorded as high as 2–6 per 1,000 live births, they currently stand at 0.2–0.5 per 1,000 live births in most countries, although this rate can be heavily influenced by factors such as geographical location, climate, and ethnicity, as discussed below.

Basically, it has nothing to do with vaccinations.

DYLAN:The fact the establishment doesn’t even want another side of the conversation to exist when it comes to vaccines should tell you all you need to know about them.

Says the man on the Twitter account with half a million followers.

According to Medium, it would take the average person thirteen minutes to read this post, so I’ll wrap this thing up. In truth, the evidence still does not meet the claims made by the anti-vaccination crowd.

Natural News released the first part of their “The Truth About Vaccines” mini-series, which is so good that they’ll only let you see if you give them an email first. It seems like they only want a certain group of people to see it — people who already agree with them.

The anti-vaccination movement was the laughing stock of the world for years on end, but now they’re making a comeback. Have they got any new information? Of course not, instead, they’re just screaming the points they use to make slightly louder and hoping everyone believes them.

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Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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